Son of Return of theVPO Media Crossover Event!!!!! (UPDATED)

Yep, preparing to get back in the saddle again and host The Mark Johnson Show on WDEV radio the next three weekdays. 550 AM or 96.1 FM in north-central VT (the AM signal can be heard from Burlington to the Connecticut River valley) and live streaming at Dates and guests:

Thursday 6/25, 9 am. Jim Salzman, professor of law and environmental policy at Duke University, and expert on water issues and policy. He’s author of “Drinking Water: A History,” a book that explores the very vital — and frequently changing — role that water plays in human society. He just finished a visit to Vermont Law School as a visiting summer scholar. We’ll talk about drinking water’s past, present and future. The School has posted a YouTube video of a lecture given by Prof. Salzman; you can find it here.

Thursday 6/25, 10 am. Matt Dunne, former State Senator and gubernatorial candidate, now head of community affairs for Google. He’s actively considering another run for governor. Oops; last-minute cancellation. Dunne was supposed to fly home from an out-of-state trip Wednesday night; stormy weather prevented that. Or, as he put it in an email to me, “I’m stuck in Chattanooga.” Currently effecting a replacement guest. (Friday and Monday guests after the jump.) Friday 6/26 will be an all-politics affair with an eye toward next year’s race for governor. At 9, I’ll interview House Speaker Shap Smith; and at 10, my guest will be former State Auditor and Senator Randy Brock, the Republican candidate for governor in 2012.

Monday 6/29, 9 am. The Most Reverend Christopher Coyne, bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington. He’ll talk about his first year in Vermont, the Pope’s recent message on climate change, and other issues and challenges facing the Church.

Monday 6/29, 10 am. State Treasurer Beth Pearce. We’ll talk about Vermont’s financial health, fossil fuel divestment, a campaign to make sure that insurance beneficiaries get the money they’re entitled to, and her new role as head of a state commission on financial literacy.

If you have a question for any of the guests, you can leave it in the comments below or shoot me a Tweet @theVPO1. During the show, the phone numbers are 244-1777 or 1-877-291-8255.

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