Not a single moment of grace

I guess the Vermont Republicans really can’t wait for Peter Shumlin to leave. After his Monday announcement that he would not seek a fourth term, they issued a press release that was gleefully venomous from start to finish. The words came from Executive Director Jeff Bartley, who just couldn’t resist the opportunity to spew his toxic pablum of unconvincing partisanship.

This is one decision for which Governor Peter Shumlin deserves praise. In deciding not to seek reelection, Governor Shumlin has done what is best for Vermont.

Hahaha, BURN!

After that nice little fratboy opening, Bartley ticks off his litany of imagined Democratic failures, and then promises that Republicans “will continue our laser like focus on growing the economy.”

Yeah, laser-like focus on scoring cheap political points, more like.

Maybe, instead of recycling the same stale attacks, Bartley might have allowed Peter Shumlin a single moment of grace as he announced his exit from the stage. I know, I know; that’s expecting a lot from a guy whose apparent career goal is to become a conservative consultant a la Jim Barnett or Corry Bliss, the ex-Vermonters who get paid big bucks for consistently losing strategeries.

But if he’d wanted to express the least bit of humanity — and given himself a better chance to connect with undecided voters in the process — I would have suggested something more like this:

“We salute Governor Shumlin for his years of public service. While we disagree on many issues, we honor his earnest desire to make Vermont a better place to live and work. We look forward to a spirited campaign of ideas in 2016.”

You know, even if you think he’s a dunderhead, give him a little credit for his years in the public sphere.

But I suppose that’s too much to expect from Jeff Bartley.

3 thoughts on “Not a single moment of grace

  1. chuck gregory

    The problem with the state GOP is they don’t realize they’re drinking the Kool-Aide. They’ve been slowly but thoroughly and increasingly contaminated by the mindset advocated by strategist Kevin Phillips (before he left the party), Lee Atwater and Newt Gingrich and embraced wholeheartedly by the national party. It was their national advisor’s advice they followed when they sent a detective to Bernie’s ex-wife to try dig up dirt on him. They’ve pretty well abandoned the idea that Vermont Republicans should care about other Vermonters.

  2. seth802

    John, as a Republican town and county committee member, I would have been quite pleased to read the press release you suggested. It displays civility and class. Thank you for the example. Seth Hopkins, Brandon.


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