The vultures gather with unseemly haste

If Norm McAllister thinks he still has any friends in the political world, he should give it another think.

At last check, McAllister was technically still a member of the Senate. He has yet to submit his resignation, if that is indeed what he will do.

However, the lack of a vacancy hasn’t stopped some very ambitious folks from putting their names forward to replace him.

Out of, you understand, a selfless concern for the good people of Vermont.

"Pick me! I've even got a mascot!"

“Pick me! I’ve even got a mascot!”

Foremost among this unsavory horde is a guy who ought to posess a bit more sensitivity: Randy Brock, former state senator and auditor and candidate for Governor. Seven Days’ Paul Heintz:

“If [McAllister] resigns, I would certainly be interested in filling the seat, because I think it needs to be filled and I think it needs to be filled by someone who can get to work immediately, who’s up on the issues,” Brock said. “So I’m willing to serve, yes.”

“Willing to serve,” pssssh. “Desperately jonesing for a return to politics,” I’ll buy.

Let me make myself clear, there’s nothing wrong with ambition. There’s nothing wrong with a former officeholder wanting back in the game. I’ll even acknowledge that he has a point: he’d be ready to step in and go. Which presupposes that Gov. Shumlin will act immediately to fill the seat, instead of waiting until after the Legislature adjourns.

Oh wait, the Governor has already said he’s taking his time. Never mind.

Not that I have any sympathy for Good Ol’ Norm, but this avid pursuit of an expected vacancy reminds me of the scene from “A Christmas Carol” where Scrooge’s former servants start looting his house before the body is cold.

Brock’s not alone in seeking effort-free elevation to a safe Republican seat:

“I have heard from several people who are interested,” said Franklin County Republican Party chairman Stephen Trahan.

Ooh, a whole flock of vultures!

Y’know, if I were Governor — and I’m joyfully aware that I’m not — I’d be strongly tempted to eliminate anyone who put forward their name before the goddamn vacancy was even a reality. Because, ick.

1 thought on “The vultures gather with unseemly haste

  1. Kelly Cummings

    Well funny thing.

    Remember the Republicans idea/strategy to get Milne elected?

    Well, seems to me if we apply their own thinking then didn’t Sara Kittell come in third? It’s been awhile but I think she did.

    Of course lets wait till Good Ol’ Norm resigns then, let’s give the seat to her. She represents farmers and agriculture in Franklin County and she definitely knows the ropes! Upstanding citizen as well!


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