Scion of Koch-favored candidate to visit Queen City

This ought to be fun.

Dudebrah! Duuuuuuudebraaaaaah!!

Dudebrah! Duuuuuuudebrah!!

The link takes you to an announcement that, yes indeed, Matt Walker will be guest speaker at an Activism Training on Thursday evening at UVM.

Event organizer is none other than American Majority, the “raising up the next generation of nutballs” group whose Vermont chief is Tayt Brooks, former Douglas administration flunky and the guy who blew a million bucks of Lenore Broughton’s fortune on the ill-fated Vermonters First “buy an election” effort. This whole event stinks of the conservative big-money network spearheaded by the Koch brothers. American Majority, per Sourcewatch, gets 75% of its funding from the Sam Adams Alliance, an organization that “claimed to promote political activity… at a grass roots level,” but that was headed by Eric O’Keefe, a conservative with multiple ties to the Kochs. Among other things, O’Keefe sits on the board of Club For Growth Wisconsin, a major funder of Scott Walker’s political career. As have been the Kochs.

Speaking of which, this is timely: David Koch says Scott Walker is his favorite candidate for President. And also says he plans to back the GOP nominee to the tune of $900,000,000. Now, that’s grassroots politics at its finest.

Back to Junior Walker, who describes himself politically as “somewhere between Chris Christie and Rand Paul.” Now, there’s a zesty cocktail.

Young Matt is a 20-year-old college student who, according to the American Majority announcement, “led campus outreach efforts in the 2014 Wisconsin gubernatorial election and helped to increase his father’s share of the youth vote over prior election cycles.” Also, this:

One of his ideas was to hand out red freezepops to students on campus to highlight how his father’s policies were freezing tuition for University of Wisconsin students.

No joke, that’s the example of Young Matt’s political acumen they chose to prove his bona fides. Brilliant.

It might just be worth the trip to Burlington and the $15 admission to sit at Young Matt’s feet and hear his yarns of life on the campaign trail. That is, if the American Majority doorkeepers would allow a liberal blogger into their event, which I doubt.

One last bit of irony, the maraschino cherry on this shit sundae: The event is being held in James Jeffords Hall.

Ol’ Jeezum will be spinning in his grave, you betcha.

3 thoughts on “Scion of Koch-favored candidate to visit Queen City

  1. Jean Paul Cyr


    Hope you do make it to this event. Might be interesting to see who goes. Story fodder.

    Love you blog! I just became aware of it recently.


    cindy weed Enosburg (Former Progressive rep)

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Aww thanks. I’m thinking about going there, although I seriously doubt they’d let me in. I could, of course, approach the door with my recorder running and my camera in hand. That might provide some entertainment value.

  2. NanuqFC

    John, if you go, I will personally contribute $20 out of my fixed income toward gas (the automotive fuel kind) and the price of admission.

    And you’re right, they are unlikely to allow press of any stripe into the event. Wouldn’t want to give away any campaign secrets (freeze pops … really).


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