Profiles in Courage, Lieutenant Governor Edition

Fresh in from the Twitterverse:


To make this even worse, the debate is in Barre. Not like he had a long way to go. In the words of fellow Tweeter Shay Totten, “I always thought Phil was a fast driver.”

I guess he can drive slow when given the proper motivation. LIke a capable challenger waiting to engage him on the issues.

1 thought on “Profiles in Courage, Lieutenant Governor Edition

  1. Tess Taylor

    The sad thing about Lt. Gov. Scott’s delay is that there was a good audience at the Old Labor Hall last night whose expectation was that at the end of the program, they would get to ask questions of their own, as is always the practice of the League of Women Voters. Because Phil Scott could’t manage to get there on time, the program was shortened to one hour, leaving off that last half hour that could have led to a more lively, candid and interesting discussion.


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