The day before campaign finance report deadline day

Tuesday July 15 is the deadline for the latest round of campaign finance reports. We’re still waiting for the big ones — Shumlin, Milne, Phil Scott, et al. But there are some early filers worthy of note.

“The Artful Roger” Allbee, Republicrat for State Senate, pulled down $1,350 in donations, including two $500 gifts from out-of-staters and $250 from himself. (His only expenditure is to the state Democratic Party for voter lists. After all, he’s gotta get to know the Democrats in his district. Being a longtime Republican now running as a Dem.

A few PACs have filed reports. Perhaps most noteworthy is the MVP Health Care PAC (an arm of the health insurer), which split its early gifts: $1500 to the Vermont Democratic House Campaign Committee and $1000 to the VTGOP. Covering the bases, I suppose.

The state troopers, on the other hand, are all-in with the Dems so far. The Vermont State Troopers PAC gave $3000 to Shumlin for Governor (coals to Newcastle, that), $500 to the Vermont Democratic Party, and interestingly, $3000 to TJ Donovan for Chittenden County State’s Attorney. I doubt he really needs the money, so I presume the troopers want to stay on the good side of our Attorney General In Waiting.

The Patient Choices for Vermont Victory Funda pro-health care reform group,* has amassed roughly $23,000 in donations and spent a “mere” $2,500 for Democratic campaigns: $1,000 each for Governor Shumlin and the House Democrats, and $500 for Senate Democrats.

*Update: As a reader has kindly informed me, Patient Choices’ core issue is not health care reform; it’s death with dignity. It’s kind of interesting that they’re still being fairly active considering they got their bill through the Legislature last year. Maybe they’re ensuring against a counter-attack?

Of the few state senate candidates to have filed so far, Alice Nitka has a respectable bankroll. The Democrat still had almost $3,500 from previous campaigns and added another $500 this time, for a total of just under $4,000.

Joy Limoge is doing substantially better than that. She’s the only Republican State Senate candidate in Chittenden County aside from perpetual incumbent DIane Snelling. Limoge, previously known for her cheesy, ungrammatical campaign website, took in a cool $10,000 this reporting period for a total of $14,000 overall. Notable donations include $1,000 from Randy Brock, $1,000 from the Green Mountain Republican Senatorial Committee, and $2,000 from IpCapital Group, a consulting firm.

Margaret Cheney, former State Rep and current member of the Public Service Board, disposed of her remaining campaign funds from 2012, giving $100 to Tim Briglin (who’s running for the House seat she formerly held) and $1,294 to the Vermont Food Bank. Nice touch.

Martha Heath, retiring State Representative, cashed out her campaign fund and gave the proceeds, $483.14 in all, to Liz Subin, the Democratic candidate in Heath’s district.

I’ll be watching for more filings between now and tomorrow afternoon’s deadline. Watch this space!





2 thoughts on “The day before campaign finance report deadline day

  1. Ronald Allbee

    Before you jump to conclusions about parties and “so called switches” you should note that “artful Roger” Allbee has a twin brother Ronald who served Madeline Kunin as Ag Comm (Sec) and also Senator Leahy. He also worked for Snelling/Salmon….and the Vt. Legislative Council as a non partisan….I don’t think Rog and my views were ever dissimilar and both more concerned with issues than parties….he would tell you that a party label is not important…issues such as health care, economic development, taxes, environment and education are critical issues…..If you look a little at history you would find “if you are old enough to remember him” George Aiken a moderate to liberal Republican who today would more likely be a democrat and not accepted by the Conservative Republican party….Jim Jeffords who was always shunned by the party…people like Art Gibb, Bob Gannet, etc who would not be accepted….We know the likes of Nelson Rockefeller and even Dwight Eisenhower would not be accepted by the Republican’s today….so, I would not call it a switch on Rog’s part, but his alignment with policies that Republican’s no longer favor and democrats adhere to….We worked with both parties to enhance Agriculture, the Environment, Jobs, Energy, etc….It was never a party and I think if you asked Peter Welch or Bernie or even Pat Leahy they would tell you Allbee’s could be counted on the help them with issues and did not wear party labels on their sleeves….please do a little research….Ron Allbee

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Mr. Allbee: Thanks for writing. My most recent comment and my use of “Artful Roger” arose from my recent interview with your brother on WDEV Radio. In it, he really didn’t offer any substantive policy positions that made him abandon the GOP; he just raised issues in fairly general terms. Indeed, he didn’t even say whether he’d formally joined the Democrats. Perhaps he isn’t legally required to do so, but I’d expect someone who seeks to run under a party’s banner to make some formal commitment to that party.

      That said, I don’t doubt Roger Allbee’s experience and credentials. And I can understand his discomfiture with the modern GOP — although at a time when Phil Scott is trying to make the party more inclusive, it seems an odd moment to step away. As I said when I first wrote about his candidacy, I think he’d be a fine State Senator — but from some other district. His views, as much as I could make them out, seem out of step with a constituency as liberal as Windham County. Just one man’s opinion. Thanks again for taking the time to write.


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