We Have to Talk About Nathan

This is Nathan, the former employee of Full Moon Farm whose allegations that David Zuckerman is a horrible boss got turned into a Vermont Republican Party attack ad launched in the campaign’s closing days.

Well, guess what.

Nathan is a staunch conservative Republican. And I’ve got receipts.

That, in itself, doesn’t render his claims untrue, but it puts them in a completely different light. Nathan isn’t an objective voice who had a bad time working at Full Moon Farm; he’s a partisan with a clear interest in Zuckerman’s defeat.

The VTGOP identified him only as “Nathan,” which is, indeed, his real first name. I’ve heard that the party is refusing to release any more information about him. Problem is, this is a small state and a lot of people know Nathan. Some of them worked at Full Moon the same time he did. His identity is bound to come out, and when it does, this ad is going to blow up in the VTGOP’s collective face. .

But let’s get to the receipts.

I don’t know Nathan myself and I don’t know his identity, but I have heard from those who do. One of them passed along some screenshots from Nathan’s social media presence. They make his political leanings perfectly clear. First, let’s take a look at the kind of people he admires.

“The Daily wire” is Ben Shapiro’s “news” operation.

It’s perfectly fine if Nathan has heroes. It’s also fine if he gets his information from a heavily biased conservative source. But it does reveal his partisanship and has a bearing on his accusations against Zuckerman.

If he doesn’t think much of Farmer Dave, he does have a sunnier view of another Vermont farmer.

Nathan is trying to make it as a farmer himself. I wish him all the luck in the world. But we know what Klar is all about, and Nathan’s admiration for Farmer John gives one pause.

I would agree that John Klar’s thoughts are “interesting” like when you get served a dish of mystery meat and tell your host it’s “interesting.”

Finally, let’s throw some deep conspiracizing into the mix.

OK, well, seems a bit overwrought. And it shows that Nathan is not only a Republican, but a Republican who despises Democrats.

Now, about that Hannah Howland comment. “Adrelchrome” is probably an attempted reference to “adrenachrome,” which is part of a QAnon conspiracy theory about political and Hollywood elites kidnapping and torturing children.

OK now, Nathan has no control over who comments on his social media posts or what they say. But it’s troubling that he travels in this kind of orbit.

If you want to dismiss the Howland comment, fine. There’s still more than enough to show that Nathan is an ultrapartisan who has a hate on for Democrats. His allegations should be taken with a big ol’ boulder of salt.

Unfortunately for them, Vermont Republicans seized on his story as if it was manna from Heaven and promoted it to the world. The eventual climbdown is going to be embarrassing, and this series of events will probably be a net benefit for Zuckerman. There are a lot of Vermonters with no taste for dirty poitics. And this is dirty politics.

Pretty inept, but still dirty.


2 thoughts on “We Have to Talk About Nathan

  1. wc

    Damn, I wish this could get out into the main stream media. I do excessively hope that this blows up into the Republican’s faces where it deserves to go once and for all.


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