Already, The Mask Slips

Vermont’s tiny but determined anti-abortion cohort had it all figured out. Instead of the usual frontal attack about baby-killing and “Before I formed thee, I knew thee” and implicit slut-shaming, they were going to make a disguised, indirect attack on Article 22. It was all lies, but at least it was subtle.

To carry this through November 8, however, would require a level of self-restraint not usually present among the committed pro-lifers. And sure enough, they couldn’t even make it to Labor Day before letting the mask slip.

The above is a mailer distributed by “Vermonters for Good Government,” the front organization set up by Right to Life Vermont and their deep-pocketed friends Lenore Broughton, Carol Breuer and the Roman Catholic Diocese of Burlington, which apparently emerged from the financial crisis of the child sexual abuse scandal with enough scratch to throw $50,000 into the anti-Article 22 dumpster.

The mailer reverts to classic punch-in-the-face anti-abortion style: LATE-TERM ABORTION in 120-point type, fetal images designed to show how innocent and defenseless they are, references to fetuses as “babies,” and a layout that would make a professional designer hang their head in shame.

As if Article 22 will touch off an apocalypse of baby-killing. As if health care professionals will morph into wild-eyed murderers. As if maternity wards will become abattoirs. As if the Hippocratic Oath doesn’t exist. As if health care organizations and state regulators would allow anything of the sort to ever happen.

As if there are hordes of women just waiting for legal permission to butcher their babies as soon as they’re born.

It’s all a twisted fantasy in the minds of hardcore anti-abortion activists, who see themselves as the heroic rear guard preventing humanity’s descent into chaos. We all want to believe we’re important, but these folks have to see themselves as the chosen instruments of divine vengeance.

And yeah, they can’t help themselves but put out garbage propaganda that will offend far more than it will convince.

If this is what they’re doing in late August, I can hardly wait to see what they get up to at the end of October when the polls show Article 22 winning by massive margins and they’re staring permanent defeat squarely in the face. We’re a couple months away from images of bloody fetuses in dumpsters.


2 thoughts on “Already, The Mask Slips

  1. Walter Carpenter

    Thanks for this piece. I hadn’t got one of these missives yet, but someone else had and wrote a letter about it in another publication and wanted to know where the money was coming from to back this. It’s not surprising…

  2. Sapphire

    Thank you so much. I have been getting spammed by their ad campaign on YouTube and I finally bothered to look them up and do deeper research, which is how I found your article. With a name like “Vermonters for good government” it was beyond obvious that they were an Astroturf organization, barely trying to conceal their ‘pro-life’ bigotry. And to know where the money is coming from is the real cherry on the top.


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