Voldemort, Palpatine To Hold Fundraiser For Christina Nolan

Well, well. On Monday afternoon, we learned that Republican U.S. Senate candidate Christina Nolan would hold an all-star D.C. fundraiser Tuesday night featuring… uh… Mitch McConnell, Bill Barr, and a bunch of other Republicans.

On Monday evening, Politico reported that the Supreme Court will overturn Roe v. Wade.

This ought to stick to Nolan like hot tar for the duration of her bid to succeed Patrick Leahy. Nolan, that alleged moderate Republican, is jetting off to our nation’s capital so Mitch Fucking McConnell can raise money for her campaign.

McConnell is the man most responsible for this Supreme Court decision. He is responsible for shackling women to their rapists or abusers and forcing them to choose between giving birth or seeking illegal and likely dangerous off–the-books abortions. He is the man who stole two Supreme Court seats and paved the way for this revolting development.

For those just joining us, McConnell blocked action on President Obama’s nomination of Merrick Garland for almost a full year, leaving the seat open for Brett “I Like Beer” Kavanaugh — and then frogmarched Amy Coney Barrett to confirmation in record time before the 2020 election could take that power away from him.

And Nolan is going to take his money, come back to Vermont, and pretend that nothing is wrong? No fucking way.

(Apologies for readers with tender sensibilities, but there are times when nothing but bad language will suffice. This is one of those times. We’re just getting started.)

A day should not go by between now and Election Day when Nolan isn’t asked about her association with this evil asshole. Check that; her political debt to that asshole. Not to mention the other “friends” who will help Nolan fill her campaign account. For the record, they include Republican Senators Susan Collins, Lisa Murkowski, Joni Ernst and Marsha Blackburn. All four were complicit in the conservative putsch at the high court; the four all voted in favor of Barrett and only Murkowski dissented — in the mildest possible way, by voting “present” — on the confirmation of Kavanaugh. And she made that decision after it was clear that Kavanaugh would win the vote without her. The “Host Committee”for the event includes the Dishonorable Bill Barr and four former U.S. Attorneys appointed by Donald Goddamn Trump.

There’s another set of fat fingertips on this thing. The very Trumpy Jay Shepard, whose consulting firm has billed Nolan’s underfunded campaign more than $16,000 for services rendered, is listed as the person collecting RSVPs for this Cleveland Steamer on the body politic. Probably collecting the checks as well.

While no one can touch McConnell or Barr for sheer evil, the inclusion of Collins is galling in a very special way. Nolan cites Collins, whose mouth makes moderate sounds but whose votes are reliably conservative, as a political role model. Collins is the alleged “moderate” who voted to confirm Kavanaugh and Barrett while murmuring that the Supreme Court would never, ever contemplate overturning Roe. I’ll bet she will declare her dismay or perhaps even disappointment when the Court does just that.

And when she does, I, for one, would happily put her on a burning garbage scow and set it loose into the ocean.


And Nolan wants to be just like her. Is that supposed to be reassuring?

Here’s another thing that sticks in the throat. It’s no coincidence that the four senators involved are all women. I’m sure that that will be the theme of the event: Empowering Conservative Women or some bullshit. On the day when women’s rights take their biggest body blow in my lifetime.

Leave us not forget that Nolan has repeatedly ducked the question of who she’d support for Senate Majority Leader. Well, I think that question is settled now. McConnell is a notable collector of political debts. If Nolan should somehow be elected to the Senate and help seal a Republican majority, I’m sure she’ll vote for McConnell and mouth some Collinsian sentiment about how Mitch has promised to be less evil, ha ha ha.

C’mon. Mitch has already said that if he becomes Majority Leader, he will block any future Biden nominees to the high court until after the 2024 election.

Is there any doubt that a hopefully hypothetical Senator Nolan would stand with the Republican caucus? Is there any doubt that she would, at best, be a willing pawn in McConnell’s game and at worst a co-conspirator?

Even if she really does hold moderate beliefs, her election would help cement Republican control of our government at a time when the GOP is actively threatening the foundations of democracy. Hell, it might even clear the way for a future decision overturning Griswold v. Connecticut, the decision that bars the states from prohibiting contraception.

A vote for Nolan is a vote for transforming the United States of America into the Republic of Gilead. Never forget. Never let Nolan forget. And for God’s sake, don’t buy her “moderate” bullshit and help her join the ranks of McConnell’s puppets.

In closing, let me just say fuck fuck fuckity fuck motherfucker horseshit balls.


11 thoughts on “Voldemort, Palpatine To Hold Fundraiser For Christina Nolan

  1. Walter Carpenter

    “Never forget. Never let Nolan forget.”

    Agreed. Never let her forget. Never let Vermonters forget either, especially women. Make sure they never forget who did this to them and that Nolan is sidling up to this evil man who wants to take us back to the racism of the southern confederacy.

  2. Kelly Cummings

    “In closing, let me just say fuck fuck fuckity fuck motherfucker horseshit balls.”


    1. gunslingeress

      THIS type of harpy screeching is supposed to show me how rational and tolerant the pro-choice side is???? Reasoned discourse???? God help us. F—, f—, f—ity f—, m.f., h.s. balls as an argument would earn you a big fat zero on a high school debate team. As a woman, I am really appalled at your rant and your mouth. Do you also curse God with that same mouth????

      1. gunslingeress

        John, you are trying to project the anger of the f- f- f- f-ity m.f. h.s. balls etc. person onto me. I was not angry, SHE was. I was just appalled. And your reply to me was pathetic. Did the author of that rant put it up here to have it read or not??? If she didn’t want it read, she would not have written it and you would not have posted it. I read your site. Of course I would read that. Only after I read it would I know what it said, correct?

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      It’s in DC tonight (Tuesday) at the NRSC. (National Republican Senatorial Committee). If you can’t get down there, you can always picket when she gets back. Something like, “What did you promise Mitch McConnell?” would be apropos.

      1. gunslingeress

        John, if you want to join in this type of protest, would you have the cojones to carry a sign with the slogan Kelly C. used on this site to comment? Since you appear to be fine with such wording, would you put it on a sign and carry it at the protest? That would be more apropos than the one you suggested.

  3. Shawn

    I think you meant to say that Neil Gorsuch is sitting in the Merrick Garland chair at the Supreme Court. There doesn’t seem to be much information on Gorsuch’s feelings about beer.


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