Daily Archives: October 1, 2021

Covid Is NOT The Flu

Got into a bit of a tweetbeef ‘tother day with an acquaintance from Statehouse days. Not to name names, but he’s a lobbyist for… shall we say… Pat Leahy’s Favorite Body of Water Bedroom of Business Transactions?

Anyway, he squeezed out this little turd:

Covid is here to stay, we have just mitigated the effect so that has same odds and outcomes as the seasonal flu. You need to listen to scientist moreā€¦

“Listen to scientist,” you say.

I didn’t react well to this piece of nonsense, partly because I am at elevated risk & have a personal stake in this, partly because his follow-up tweets dripped with condescension, but mostly because this formerly fringe belief is rapidly and alarmingly entering the mainstream discourse. That’s dangerous.

And it’s bullshit.

And I have receipts. From “scientists” plural.

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