And Now a Word From Vermont’s #1 QAnon Ambulance Chaser

Hello, friends. I’m Deb Bucknam. You may know me as the spectacularly unsuccessful Republican candidate for Attorney General in 2016, or from my years of service as an officer of the Vermont Republican Party.

That may make you think I’m mainstream, but let me assure you I’m anything but. I stand ready to legally represent any member of the far right who’s been oppressed, victimized or silenced by the deep state, the United Nations or the insidious Antifa movement.

That’s right. Call me if your violent threats have cost you your job, or if you’ve been targeted for refusing to wear a mask, or if you’ve been barred from carrying your firearm into any space, or if a simple patriotic act like storming the U.S. Capitol has triggered a deeply unfair prosecution. I WILL BE YOUR ADVOCATE!

Just look at my track record. I represented a Rutland gym owner whose business was ruthlessly shut down by state officials. I went to court on behalf of five brave Vermonters who sought to block the mailing of ballots to every registered voter in Vermont. And I stood by the side of a Newport mail shop owner as the state tried to close him down for refusing to make customers and staffers wear masks.

Now, I may have lost every single case. But I promise to have your back, no matter how ridiculous or imaginary your cause.

Do you think Democrats are operating a child trafficking ring in a pizza shop? I’m there for you!

Do you stalk or threaten Democratic officeholders, especially women and people of color, to block their plans for the overthrow of our country? I’m there for you!

Do you operate an unlicensed militia training ground because you need to prepare true patriots for the coming civil war? I’m there for you!

Do you think immigrants and people who look like immigrants must be banished to protect our way of life? I’m there for you!

Do you defend the Constitution at all costs, even if you have to violate it in the process? I’m there for you!

Do you see Deep State conspiracies around every corner, behind every bush, and in the dark heart of every liberal in the country? I’m there for you!

You may think you’re standing alone against the multitudes of the George Soros/Bill Gates/Hillary Clinton One World Government, but I can assure you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE.

Call me. I’ll be there for you.

And I’ll lose every case I bring to court.


1 thought on “And Now a Word From Vermont’s #1 QAnon Ambulance Chaser

  1. vtnewsboy


    You neglected to include Deb adventures with the Vermont Supreme Court’s Professional Responsibility Board where her clients in two separate cases, Guy Favreau (1992) and Gloria Jackson (2008), complained that their lawyer, Bucknam, had placed her financial interests ahead of her clients !

    More grist for the mill !


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