Is Phil Scott Okay With Appointing a Conspiracy-Minded Trumpist?

Welcome, friends, to the Facebook feed of Brian Bailey, a resident of Barre and a Phil Scott appointee to the state’s Fish and WIldlife Board. Bailey is the owner of McLeod’s Spring and Chassis, a truck repair shop in Barre. He’s very active on Facebook. Many of his posts are about hunting, fishing and the Great Outdoors. He also spends a lot of time posting and reposting hateful attacks on Democrats including the one pictured above.

It must be noted that Vermont has I don’t know how many boards and commissions. It’s practically a full-time job for someone in the administration to keep up with all the nominations. So this isn’t anything like Gov. Scott naming a die-hard Trumpist to an executive-level position in his government. And as a hunter and outdoorsman, Bailey seems to be qualified for the post.

But how does the governor feel about having such an extremist represent his administration in any capacity?

(Before we go on, I’ll note that the Fish and Wildlife Board has 14 members, one representing each county. Only two of the 14 are women. Problem?)

After the jump: Lots more hateful postings! Join me, won’t you?

Okay, we’ve already seen Ilhan Omar. Can AOC be far behind? Of course not.

Lovely. And where there are misogynistic attacks on Democratic women, it’s inevitable that we get to Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Wow, that’s a whole lot of misogyny packed into a couple sentences. But wait, there’s more!

Yeah, any spouse of a powerful, successful woman must be completely pussified, amirite, guyz?

And where there’s conservative misogyny, it’s only a matter of time before we get to Hillary Clinton.

Cripes. It’s been four years since she exited the political stage, and they just can’t let go of her. Must be sad to be so obsessed.

While a lot of his political postings target Democratic women, he also makes time for Democratic men. Especially Jews?

Oh, that Bailey. What a kidder. The LOL emojis are a nice touch.

What else? Oh, of course. Biden stole the election!

That was posted a couple days before Congress accepted the Electoral College results on January 6, leaving QAnoners like Bailey frustrated and confused. Sorry, Brian.

In case you think I’m exaggerating by calling Bailey a QAnon adherent, here’s some Covid conspiratorialism.

You know, if Bill Gates and Dr. Fauci were really cooking up a conspiracy, you’d think they wouldn’t do it in broad daylight on a public street. But maybe that’s exactly what they want you to think…

Finally, a meme representative of Bailey’s “Black Lives Matter” delusions. With bonus misogyny.

Okay, Brian. I dare you to get up in LeBron’s grill and call him a pussy. I’ll meet you in the infirmary.

There’s more, lots more, but that’s a decent sampling. I will not contest Brian Bailey’s Constitutional right to spout whatever hateful nonsense he wants to. But he doesn’t have a Constitutional right to serve on an official state board.

Ball’s in your court, governor. Do you want to be associated with this guy?


2 thoughts on “Is Phil Scott Okay With Appointing a Conspiracy-Minded Trumpist?

  1. Walter Carpenter

    “Ball’s in your court, governor. Do you want to be associated with this guy?”

    Ach, forgot the post:( You should show this to Phil Scott or someone in this administration. This bigot should be be on any board in Vermont and Scott should know better than to appoint someone like him.


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