Rank Hypocrisy From Across the Pond

U.S. Rep. Elise Stefanik and… um…. What’s His Name

The distinguished representative of New York’s North Country has been on a tear lately, issuing tweet after tweet bashing Gov. Andrew Cuomo for making unwanted advances to women and for apparent dishonesty in reporting Covid casualties. A sampling:

Remind me again: Who’s that guy standing next to her in the photo above?

Oh yeah, the guy credibly accused of sexual misconduct by 23 women, the guy who boasted of being able to “grab ’em by the pussy,” and the guy who relentlessly tried to minimize and cover up the Covid pandemic.

I realize that Republican hypocrisy has itself become a pandemic since Joe Biden took office, but Stefanik is outperforming the field. I wonder if she’s thinking of a run for the governorship in 2022?

Not if she knows what’s good for her. It’s one thing to win NY-21 on a platform of Trump Now, Trump Forever. It’s another thing to take that mess statewide.

No, I think what she’s doing is continuing her four-year-long residency on Trump’s backside. For someone who used to position herself as a moderate Republican, she’s come a long, long way. In the wrong direction.

Every tweet I posted above, and just about everything else in Stefanik’s Twitter feed, just reeks of hypocrisy. Cuomo tries to “distract, ignore and avoid”? That was Trump’s modus operandi from his 2015 “They’re rapists, they’re murderers” speech right through the present day.

Cuomo “bullied these cowards into submission”? Trump has bullied an entire political party into submission. I ain’t seen no solid-gold Cuomo being worshipped anywhere.

Democrats who don’t call for Cuomo’s ouster are “complicit in the… coverup” and “enabling his repeated sexual abuse”? This, from a pol who twice voted against Trump’s impeachment in the face of the evidence? From a pol who never uttered a peep about Trump’s horrific treatment of women, including sleeping with a porn star shortly after his wife gave birth to their son?

Look, Andrew Cuomo is no prize. It’s quite possible that the combo platter of sexual misconduct and Covid coverup will end his political career. I wouldn’t shed a tear; I have no love for the man. He’s a bully and a narcissist. He has battled with fellow Democrats as often as (or more than) Republicans. The people of New York could certainly do better.

But I’m not buying Stefanik’s “holier than thou” crusade. Not when Trump was never called to account. Not when Republicans swallow hard and accept Roy Moore as a candidate for Senate. And not when Republicans like Jim Jordan and Brett Cavanaugh just sail on blithely.

I eagerly await Stefanik’s call for an investigation into Jordan’s tenure as assistant coach of the scandal-ridden Ohio State wrestling team. Not holding my breath, though.


11 thoughts on “Rank Hypocrisy From Across the Pond

  1. H. Jay Eshelman

    But you all understand this is subterfuge designed to take the attention away from Cuomo’s egregious nursing home policies that killed hundreds of NY’s senior citizens and then covered up the data. After all, Nixon was run out of town on a rail when he tried to coverup a botched ‘keystone’ robbery at the Watergate hotel. One would think covering up the deaths of hundreds of people would qualify.

    But no…. let’s focus on the sex lives of old white guys… if that’s what turns you on.

  2. Kay Trudell

    Cuomo enabled the conditions which basically led to the euthanasia of the elderly of New York who were in NY nursing homes, then tried to cover up the scandal. After having skated on that for months, he might be brought down by charges of sexual harassment. I applaud the fact that he might get the justice he so richly deserves, but do the sexual harassment claims of a group of women matter more in his political fall than the deaths of 10,000 patients? What a warped sense of justice we have.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      You have a point. From what I know, Cuomo (1) encouraged nursing homes to admit patients with Covid in order to ease the strain on hospitals, (2) gave the nursing homes immunity from Covid lawsuits, and (3) massively undercounted Covid deaths in nursing homes. That’s a very bad track record, especially from someone who had the gall to write a book on pandemic crisis leadership.

  3. Walter Carpenter

    “and just about everything else in Stefanik’s Twitter feed, just reeks of hypocrisy.”

    Stefanik is nothing but hypocrisy, just like the rest of the GOP.

    “Nixon was run out of town on a rail when he tried to coverup a botched ‘keystone’ robbery at the Watergate hotel.”

    Nixon did not just try to cover it up. He and his “associates” initiated it in the first place and that is what ran him out on the rails where he should have gone to prison. While I have absolutely no love for Cuomo either, let’s not forget how many hundreds of thousands of lives Trump’s callousness has cost this country in the COVID crisis.

    1. H. Jay Eshelman

      I remember watching the Watergate hearings. That Nixon ordered the bungled hotel break-in was never established. That Nixon wanted to stop white house leaks is nothing new. Every president is concerned with leaks. Nixon was popped because he wanted the FBI to stop investigating the complicity of his AG (John Mitchell), his chief of staff (Bob Haldeman) and personal consultant (John Ehrlichman), all of whom went to prison.

      What do you think the odds are that Cuomo spends any time in jail.

      1. John S. Walters Post author

        Same as the odds for Trump. Yeah, the worst that could happen to Cuomo is a bunch of cushy corporate board seats. And a crisis-management consultancy.

      2. Walter Carpenter

        “I remember watching the Watergate hearings.”

        Nixon’s role was a little more than that just covering it up. I was also around during that time and have read the history and seen the documentaries of Watergate. On Cuomo, who I detest and I am a liberal, I suspect that if he resigns or gets impeached he won’t spend a minute inside a prison. I actually believe that he, Trump, and all these Trump governors and officials who so happily sacrificed us by their anti-mask crusade to re-elect Trump should be tried at Nuremberg and sentenced accordingly for the over 500,000 American deaths caused by their callous disregard for our lives.

  4. H. Jay Eshelman

    Oh, sorry, thought we were talking about Cuomo. So remind me again; how many NY seniors was it that Trump sent to the ‘Covid Chambers’?

      1. H. Jay Eshelman

        Oh, you’re right again (not). It was Trump who created the virus. It came from his Mara Lago secret lab. And he sent infected Palm Beach citizens around the world to spread it. And that he stopped travelers from returning to or entering the U.S. simply showed he’s a racist. The ventilators, the hospital ship, and Javits Center ICU facilities he provided Cuomo were fake cardboard cut-outs. His ‘Warp Speed’ vaccine program was a complete failure. After all, we know everyone is getting a placebo or household bleach injected in them today whether they know it or not.

        Oh, and Cuomo didn’t send any seniors with Covid to NY retirement homes, and Cuomo and his staff didn’t cover anything up, …because they were all too busy uncovering themselves and having ‘consensual’ sex in the hallways.
        Did I miss anything?

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