How not to prove you’re not a xenophobe

The Rutland Firsters claim that all they want is more information about the proposed settlement of Syrian refugees in their city. Well, now we know what kind of information they’re looking for.

On Tuesday night, that not-at-all nativist, not-at-all racist, not-at-all xenophobic organization held an “informational” meeting — and invited two speakers from the InfoWars School of Nutbar Conspiracy-Mongering.

The opening act was Philip Haney, who claims the Muslim Brotherhood has infiltrated the U.S. government, and that the global Islamic terror network is “operating in plain sight” right here in America.

The headliner was James Simpson, making his second appearance in Rutland this year. Simpson whips up a toxic brew of terror, Sharia Law, and secret United Nations plots to undermine America and create one world government. He also claimed an “affiliation” between the Council on American-Islamic Relations and Black Lives Matter.

I guess he missed the connection with the fake moon landing. It was Arabic civilizations, after all, that pioneered numbers, mathematics, and astronomy. Making people believe in the moon landing is obviously a way to promulgate the Grand Caliphate Conspiracy: get us believin’ in that space and science stuff they fabricated, and it’s one small step to global Muslim rule.

Messrs. Haney and Simpson are the guys Rutland First calls upon when seeking “information.” At the same time, they reject the truly informed — those with actual experience in refugee resettlement and the refugee vetting process, and those with actual facts and figures.

Nope, none of that. Instead, we get the Alex Jones Amateur Hour.

Rutland First has forfeited all credibility through its own actions. It has no legitimate claim to a place at the table when it comes to the refugee plan. I hope that responsible city officials will turn their backs on this Tinfoil Hat Gang.


8 thoughts on “How not to prove you’re not a xenophobe

  1. Robert Maynard

    Hi John,

    We are missing an excellent opportunity to deal seriously wit the connection between illegal immigration/refugees and nation security and both sides are at fault. As I argue in this video: Syrian refugees very well could provide us with valuable information sources liek refugees from Communist bloc countries did during the Cold War. It alos provides us with a HUGE propaganda boost that the ISIS leaders are worried about as expressed on there social media sites. They are trying to creat a Caliphate in Iraq and Syria, which is to be a refuge for Muslims, yet some are fleeing this “refuge” to seek refuge from it in the land on the Infidel.

    Terrorism as a primary strtegy is used when someone cannot pose much of a conventional threat to their opponent. The idea is to “terrorize” them, hence the name. It is a form of psychological warfare and we alre falling for it. The real battle is one of ideas and values and the Jihadi leadership fears the “seductive capacity” of democracy more than all the other threat combined. Instead of hitting them there, where they are the most vulnerable, we aid them in their propaganda campaing by puffing them up out of proportion to the actual security threat they represent.

      1. Robert Maynard

        Yes, some 40% of Forthune 500 companines were started by immigrants and that is not even including small family owned restaurants. Great civilizations have always flourished along trade routes where there was plenty of migrations. One of the grievences in the Declaration of Independence was that the King was restricting migration to America.

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