Son Of The VTGOP’s Super Deluxe Trip to the Bennington Battle Monument

Okay, I screwed up in my most recent post. Surprisingly, my math was okay — but I misread Google Maps. 133 miles is the one-way distance between Burlington and Bennington. A roundtrip is 266 miles.

But my basic point still stands: the Vermont Republicans vastly overstated the impact of a carbon tax on a hypothetical family excursion to the Bennington Battle Monument.

Not to mention that a re-examination of the VTGOP’s fantastical Tweet shows that their exaggeration was even greater than I gave them credit for. They claim that the carbon tax will impose “an additional $236” in costs. Not that the whole trip will cost $236, but that the carbon tax alone will raise the cost by $236. Which is truly ridiculous.

So let’s redo this thing with the correct assumptions, shall we?

Burlingtom to Bennington and back again, 266 miles. Hypothetical Ford Explorer gets a gas-guzzling 15 mpg. That’s 18 gallons of gas for the trip.


Eighteen times 88 cents is…


And that’s it. Stop right there.

That’s the only “additional cost” imposed by the carbon tax on our beleaguered family. We don’t need to consider the total cost of gas, or depreciation, or a nice lunch at the Blue Benn, or anything else, because they have nothing to do with the carbon tax.

Now I’m even more anxious for the Republicans to show their work.

And here’s one more thing. As  a commenter pointed out, the proposed carbon tax would be phased in over a ten-year period, so we’re talking about a hypothetical trip to Bennington in the year 2027 at the absolute soonest. What else will change by then? How much will inflation reduce the impact of an 88-cent tax? Will anybody be driving oversized gas-guzzlers in the year 2027? Will they all be hybrids or even electric vehicles by then? Might we have cheap, frequent mass transit down the western corridor?

But, compared to the VTGOP’s gross exaggeration, those are mere quibbles.

My point remains: on the carbon tax, the Republicans are full of shit. And Bartley still needs a new abacus.

16 thoughts on “Son Of The VTGOP’s Super Deluxe Trip to the Bennington Battle Monument

  1. Brooke Paige

    When I first saw Bartley’s claim, I knew he had either gotten the decimal point wrong or was calculating driving his hypothetical family to Bennington in a fully loaded tractor trailer with the air conditioning on and the trailer brakes locked up.

    Jeff’s wild eyed speculation does as much good for opponents of the carbon tax as Al Gore’s “Inconvenient Truth” did to convince folks of the validity of his dire predictions.

  2. Kay Trudell

    The VT legislature discussed a carbon tax increase of 89 cents per gallon of gas, as I recall. That’s a HUGE increase and burden for middle class Vermont workers and retirees who drive. And they gave nary a thought to the unintended consequences and impacts, of which there are many. But what do our legislators care? They can just get more money from the state in mileage reimbursements for their drive to work in Montpelier. They are insufferable. It’s the agenda, folks. They could give a fig about the impact on ordinary [people. Hey, in order to implement socialism you have to break a few eggs.

    1. johngreenberg

      Kay Trudell:

      The legislature did indeed discuss a carbon tax bill, which if enacted, would lead to an 89 cent increase in a gallon of gasoline in the 10th year following passage. It would also lead — just as surely, since it’s in the language of the bill — to a reduction in sales tax, personal and low-income tax credits and to a per employee payroll rebate in EVERY year, equaling 90% of the new revenues taken in. It is misleading and senseless to discuss ONE provision of the bill without noting all the others.

    2. Walter Carpenter

      “Hey, in order to implement socialism you have to break a few eggs.”

      Capitalism is socialism for the rich. Socialism is socialism for the rest of us:) I’ll go with the latter, with or without the broken eggs.

    1. Kay Trudell

      Bud, you didn’t really mean that, did you? Only Republicans care about the history that occurred in their own state?? Maybe that explains why so many liberals I talk to know very little about American history or the Constitution.

      1. Walter Carpenter

        “Maybe that explains why so many liberals I talk to know very little about American history or the Constitution.”

        What is it that we liberals do not know about the constitution, especially since the constitution/declaration were written by liberals of that era? While it is true that most of those who hashed out these documents were the one percent of their day, they were still the liberal thinkers of their day.

  3. chuck gregory

    Well, I’m waiting for the first local Republican to tell me the inflated figures story. And, by the way, when gas was $1.90 a gallon higher than it is now, nobody was complaining about it– they all drove as usual. When you’re an addict, you pay the price. While an 89-cent boost would cause a shift in purchasing patterns, it wouldn’t push people out of their cars. “We are addicted to petroleum the way the Chinese were to opium.” — Forbes writer back in the first gas crisis.

  4. Kay Trudell

    Walter, if you have read the U.S. Constitution carefully and understand it, you know that socialism implemented would result in its overthrow. And that was precisely my point earlier. That is not an egg I am willing to break to make scrambled eggs.

  5. Kay Trudell

    Matthew, I was born, bred, and brought up in Burlington — and I don’t drive a Prius. I can’t afford one. Most Vermonters can’t.

    1. Ed

      Second time in 2 days she didn’t see sarcasm staring her straight in the face. This is fun, someone throw her another one!

  6. Kay Trudell

    Ed, that’s like saying “You took what I said the wrong way but I was only kidding.” In fact, quite a few liberal elitists think exactly like that. They are running Vermont from Montpelier and Burlington City Hall. They are the ones who want to force me to pay a regressive, carbon footprint reducer tax because of their human-caused global warming worldview. And they do want all of us to drive fewer miles. They want thousands of us out of our cars and on bicycles, huddled together in urban cores so we are easier to control. Cars equal freedom of movement. Notice how few people in Communist countries can afford cars or own them. It’s mostly the elites (the one percent if you will). Punitive gas taxes are social engineering to compel behavior of the ordinary citizens. These are the same people who on one hand call for carbon taxes to reduce our “carbon footprint” but on the other hand drove out Vermont Yankee and cleaner nuclear power. Hypocrites. Oh, and then there’s Walter who says straight up on this post that he prefers to live under socialism. Do you think he was being sarcastic as well?

  7. Kay Trudell

    Walter, on August 6 you asked me to explain what liberals do not know about the Constitution (I had actually said they do not talk about it much). I would reply to your question by saying they do not understand Article I, Section 8 and Article 4, Section 4, for starters. Also Article VI. Also, they think it is a “living document” that can be changed by processes outside the legal amendment process.


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