Lisman highlights curiously lukewarm endorsement

Let’s see if Bruce Lisman is getting his money’s worth out of his social media team.

Well, here’s the latest in a series of Tweets entitled “Why are you voting for Bruce?”

Embarrassing Bruce Lisman Tweet

Wow. Gee whiz.

“… may have some solid ideas”?

“… could be the guy to right this ship of state”?

Methinks Mr. Lisman is scraping the bottom of the barrel.

5 thoughts on “Lisman highlights curiously lukewarm endorsement

  1. Brooke Paige


    Was this actually on his social media site? OMG ! At least get one of your minions to tweet you a ringing endorsement.

    Maybe they’ll make a movie out of Lisman’s campaign they could call it “Clueless in Montpelier I”
    I hate seeing people piling up money in the middle of the street and setting it on fire. even if they can afford to do it!


    1. John S. Walters Post author

      It was a Tweet I spotted on Twitter. I wonder if he’s got some sort of automated post going — if someone posts an endorsement on his website, does it get promoted on Twitter? Don’t know.

  2. Macy Franklin

    With the special interests prom queen of Montpelier, Shawn Shouldice driving the golf cart what do you expect other than white bread bromides for the Big L? Today’s filings have the Wall Street One burning $1.6m to date. Combine that with Lisman’s bogus stalking horse Campaign For Vermont and it’s a cool $3 mil. Yikes! At 20% in the polls, Brucey should take solace that there’s definitely a well deserved world record in the making – the most money ever spent for a vote gotten.


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