Was that supposed to help?

Yesterday, Bruce Lisman held a fundraiser that couldn’t have better reinforced his image as a Wall Street plutocrat.

The location: Burlington Country Club. Chosen not for golf purposes, sez Bruce, but because it was “the best place for easy parking.”

Oh, so that explains why the One Percenters hang out at country clubs. “Easy parking.” Yep.

The featured attraction: the very embodiment of Wall Street cluelessness, Steve Forbes. Here’s a guy who got lucky in the genetic lottery (he inherited the family business) and decided he was a genius. His two campaigns for president were so spectacularly unsuccessful that they inspired derision in the press corps. If you think Jeb Bush was bad, well, Forbes was even worse. “…wacky, saturated with money and ultimately embarrassing to all concerned,” wrote Calvin Trillin, who characterized the candidate as a “comedy-club impression of what would happen if some mad scientist decided to construct a dork robot.”

So, Steve Forbes, master politician, comes to Vermont to “help” Bruce Lisman.

Well, I’m sure he raised a few bucks. Entry was $75 a pop, attendance roughly a hundred, and I’m sure those assembled were hit up for extra donations.

But in terms of public relations, could there have been a worse choice? Donald Trump, perhaps, but he’s engaged elsewhere.

The Lisman campaign has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars trying to recast the retired Wall Street executive as a son of the soil, a native Vermonter deeply connected to his home state, instead of a guy who spent virtually his entire adult life in the world of high finance.

And then they bring in Steve Forbes.

Was it really worth the money?

4 thoughts on “Was that supposed to help?

  1. sarrants

    As I was told by my college advisor, “Steve, nothing is more dangerous than ignorance in action.”
    That’s politics.

  2. nortryder

    Yeah, the Bruster should be able to pull off a major upset this November. Whenever I hear his name 2 images of him come to mind. !st Him standing on a table a Bear Stearnes as the world was crumbling, instructing his minions not to panic. 2nd. That classic photo of him, Scott, and other hacks all sitting around at some gathering looking smug and happy. He should us that one in his campaign literature. The pose fits him to a “T”. Smug, self-satisfied and entitled. 3 qualities I look for in a Governor. Can’t wait to not vote for him.

  3. newzjunqie

    Gotta say, these types typically are laughed out of VT — at first glance another “what the hell was he thinking” in my thought-bubble. Must admit on the same page here-what a surpise.

    Forbes, that would be, “Malcolm Stevenson “Steve” Forbes, Jr.” and family product, an embodiment of Wall St culture & system
    of which Bruce “credit default-swap” Lisman a child of & which he has labored to distance himself from, saying he “wasn’t in that dept”. Uh huh.

    With nation & VT still not fully recovered a fools-errand.

  4. Macy Franklin

    Hey, generational wealth created on the backs of working Americans doesn’t go as far as it used to.

    Lisman has a big dog to feed – a 20k a month campaign manager in influence-for-hire Montpelier troll Shawn Shouldice and her braying herd of let’s-go-negative-on-Scott, out of state consultants.

    Taking bets that when it’s all done and counted, Wall Streeter Lisman will go down as spending the most per vote in Vermont history. And that’s a legacy Steve Forbes can relate to.


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