Who’s been messing with Peter Galbraith’s Wikipedia page?

Way, way back in the spring of 2012, it came to light that an anonymous South Burlington resident had been adding a whole lot of material to Bill Sorrell’s WIkipedia page — turning it from a brief stub into a very Sorrell-friendly recounting of his accomplishments, and omitting anything at all negative.

Much of the added verbiage was strikingly similar to the bio on his campaign website. And at least once, Sorrell was referred to as “Bill” — an odd thing for a dispassionate Wikipedia editor to do.

Well, according to VTDigger’s Jasper Craven, there’s a new entry in the pantheon of small-minded Vermont politicos. Because one specific individual has spent ungodly amounts of time editing Peter Galbraith’s Wikipedia entry. The edits have been done by a user called “Devotedamerican,” but it’s hard to believe that anyone other than Galbraiith himself was responsible.

The Galbraith shenanigans go deeper than Sorrell’s. Not only did Devotedamerican post obvious fluffery, s/he also repeatedly scrubbed anything negative from the entry, particularly about Galbraith’s oil dealings in the Middle East. (You know, the ones that made him a rich man.) And did it so frequently that Devotedamerican was actually upbraided for his work.

Devotedamerican repeatedly deleted whole paragraphs on the Galbraith page referencing the oil controversy, describing it as “libelous content.” After every edit to minimize the oil deal, other Wikipedia editors objected and repealed the changes.

In obscure Wikipedia “Talk” forums, Devotedamerican repeatedly drew heat for the edits.

There’s no proof that Galbraith is Devotedamerican, and he denies it. But it’s of a piece with the reputation he earned as a state senator for narcissism, grudge-bearing, and thin skin. And Craven throws plenty of bread crumbs on the trail.

Besides the oil edits, Devotedamerican added many details about Galbraith’s life and work in a series of edits demonstrating a deep knowledge of the gubernatorial candidate.

… Devotedamerican’s edits on other pages all related to the gubernatorial candidate and suggest an intimate knowledge of his family.

The user has edited the Wikipedia pages for Galbraith’s brother, James, as well as his parents, John and Catherine.

And finally:

After being shown the Wikipedia edits, and Devotedamerican’s ardent defense of Galbraith’s foreign policies, the gubernatorial candidate smiled.

“Sounds like there is a real patriot out there,” he said.

Yeah, “a real patriot” in his own mind.

The words of an Internet meme spring to mind: “Christ, what an asshole.”


5 thoughts on “Who’s been messing with Peter Galbraith’s Wikipedia page?

      1. Dennis Shanley

        First, Diablo, let me extend my deep apology and enthusiastic congratulations to Jasper Craven for his through research as revealed by his piece in the Vermont Digger. It is investigative reporting such as his that leads me to contribute support to the Vermont Digger, as indeed we all should. Unfortunately, in my enthusiastic first reading of Mr. Walters column I somehow missed the attribution to Mr. Craven. I have since read Mr. Craven’s Digger article and recommend it to all who are interested in Mr. Galbraith’s career.

        Secondly, let me extend my kudos to John Walters for discerning and disclosing the deepness of my “game”. No hard feelings, John. Since no one will believe that, the “No Harm, No Foul Rule” applies.

        Finally, we are, unfortunately, all peons. “Theywhodonotwanttheirnamesdisclosed” will continue to silently rule us all until the Bernie Revolution finally succeeds, as it must. The fact that my avatar is green and yours is not means nothing to them.

        Now let’s get back to the news.

  1. newzjunqie

    Saw the story & must say wiki page has Galbraiths’ prints all over it. With parents passed leaves him, estranged wife in like Norway & bro? Another who, what, when, where, why, how. With suspects narrowed down to the last two, so no need to call Sherlock.

    Nearly everyone with an online presence has persona & uniqueness that’s their own. Leave many clues & how sockpuppet accounts & multiple account holders become outed. Have seen several commenters on self-created threads belonging to just one actual person — creator of said thread. These are primarily not well-monitored public blog sites such as Topix. The conversation ending with “Sounds like a real Patriot” yanks the mask off — could literally see the man.
    But also serves to out weaknesses which only hurts him as he literally hands over the oppo talking points to opponent(s).

    PG showed up at GMD discussion about him & immediately recognized as he began defending, well him. Clearly recognizes his problems but fails to take action to end the obnoxious behavior instead doubling-down & mounting strident defense, his choice entirely. Egomaniac much? Can’t get along with fellow lawmakers, personally insulting them to face so should be governor instead? Sad to see defenders become apologists so decieved.


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