Phil Scott Leadership Watch: Presidential mush

Looks like Marco Rubio has belatedly realized his Comic Insult routine was doing him no favors.

JENKS, Okla. — Someone in the rafters shouted: “Donald Trump has small hands!”

“We’re not talking about that today,” Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) said in response. “It was fun while it lasted.”

… He still called Trump “a con artist” but there was little talk of the businessman’s small hands, or spray tan, or his large private plane.

Yeah, they had to take the Rubot into the shop for a little reprogramming. Because making jokes about Donald Trump’s spray tan and dick size were making Marco look… eh… just a tad unpresidential.

They were also devastating to Phil Scott’s endorsement of Rubio, which posits the notion that the Florida Senator “can build consensus” and treats “the process with respect” and “has a calming effect.”

Speaking of Phil Scott, he finally issued an official statement about his endorsement. Which, curiously, has not been posted on his website; it was simply sent out to his email list. VPR’s Taylor Dobbs posted it on his Twitter feed; you’ll find it After The Jump.

Now there’s a hot mess of evasion and wishful thinking.

There are five paragraphs. The first three are all about the Anonymous Frontrunner. The fourth acknowledges that there aren’t any good candidates. And in the fifth, Scott says he’s gonna hold his nose and vote for Rubio.

But he doesn’t actually endorse.

Which is a good thing, because (as noted previously in this space) there appear to be very few issues on which Rubio and Scott are in agreement. Either that, or Phil Scott is a stealth conservative, heh.

His “endorsement” even downplays his earlier characterization of Rubio as a calming, respectful influence — merely expressing Scott’s “hope for a thoughtful, civil debate.”

Dream on.

Dobbs’ tweet prompted this retweet from Scott’s chief of staff, Rachel Feldman, who’s engaging in some wishful thinking of her own.

“Real leadership.” Issuing a presidential endorsement under the table and waiting four full days to issue any official statement about it. Which says as little as possible about the man he wants to be president.

Somebody call the dictionary people, because apparently “leadership” is spelled “J-E-L-L-O.”

4 thoughts on “Phil Scott Leadership Watch: Presidential mush

  1. Dave G.

    Who then is a perfect choice for you Capt. Left Turn? Tell us. We certainly can’t tell by your choices because you haven’t told us where you stand on much. Paper party leader is what Scott is. At least Lisman says what he’ll do and isn’t just coast along on name recognition.

    1. Dave Katz

      So all those years of screeching prevarication about “crushing” property taxes, people leaving Vermont in droves, and the lousy “climate for business” in our low-unemployment-rate, low-wage state, now carries over into the GOP’s practice of their own electoral politics. I would hesitate even to ask ’em what time it is,as they seem, to a person, to be, well, congenital hysterical liars. “Why, I think it’s 11:30…. OMIGOD ARE THOSE ILLEGAL ALIENS??!!GET ‘EM!!!!!!”, or some such nonsense. Like, f’r instance, “Make our country great again”? Oh, yeah. In GOP speak, they really mean, “Make our country white again”. Nice, you guys. Always with the truth.
      I just really, really, really wish the wimpy Loyal Opposition didn’t always run headlong to buy into a lot of this crap framing. Right, Shap?

      Captain Left Turn? Wasn’t he a character on Rocky and Bullwinkle?

    2. Alex PK

      I don’t think you are actually listening to what Scot has been saying. We shouldn’t confuse what he says, with how he says it. Its not a jump up and down, pound your fist on the table kind of guy.


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