Tha Regan Dinnur

Looky here, the Vermont Republicans have another spectacular evening to warn tell us about. It’s the Reagan Dinner — pardon me, THE REAGAN DINNER all caps, with a photo of a noble Ronnie posing manfully in front of an American flag. It’s hosted by the Chittenden County GOP, and it’s all happening on March 10, getcha tickets early!

As usual, the Republicans are being stingy with the details — probably because it’s going to be the usual “excitement” of rubber chicken, cash bar and canned speeches.

Yup: Cocktails, dinner, and an “Energy Forum,” Lord help us all. Doesn’t look like they’ll have any high-profile out-of-state guests; the dinner is being artfully held the week following the Vermont primary, so I’m sure we won’t get any presidential candidates on the dais.

But all I want to know is, can the Chittenden County GOP afford a little copy-editing? Because the official announcement says the event will be at the “Cattamount Golf Club.”

Geez, how many Vermonters are unaware that “Catamount” is a one-T animal? That’s as bad as “Six Teats.”

But wait, there’s more!Take a gander at the list of special guests.

Special Guests include Bruce Liseman, Randy Brock, John McClaughry, Rob Roper

Yup, “Liseman.” Poor ol’ Bruce just can’t get any respect from the party, can he?

After the jump: Screenshot of the announcement, typos and all. 

Here it is:

Screen Shot 2016-02-09 at 8.39.30 PM

Now, for funsies, I’m posting this at about 6:00 pm Tuesday, February 9. Let’s see how long it’ll take them to fix the typos.


Update. Well, it only took ’em a full day to fix it. Got a comment from the Chittenden County GOP:

The attachment was not suppose to be published yet because it wasn’t edited yet. However, I do appreciate your editing it for me.

You’re welcome, CCGOP. You and VTGOP might want to tighten up your process in the future. Save yourself some embarrassment.

… er, “suppose to be”?

8 thoughts on “Tha Regan Dinnur

  1. chuck gregory

    Listen don’t get no respect.

    About 200 words into ‘The Big Short,’ Bear Stearns gets its first mention. Close to the end, Lisman makes an appearance as “Bruce Miller,” on stage with the Steve Carrell character, “Mark Baum,” to defend the financial soundness of BS during the ongoing 2008 implosion. The presentation ends abruptly when a member of the audience asks, “Mr. Miller, in the time you’ve been on stage, Bear Stearns stock has dropped 38 points. Are you still going to buy more?” The “Miller” character then goes off, presumably to move to Vermont…


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