A little lip service for the electorate, please

A lot of concern is being expressed these days over the Norm McAllister case. The disgraced Senator frets over the fairness of any legislative proceeding against him. A fellow Senator says he should be allowed to stay in office until the criminal proceedings are completed, no matter how long it takes. The head of his caucus frets about McAllister’s presence derailing the legislative session. The Senate President Pro Tem frets about establishing a precedent for dealing with the unprecedented: a sitting Senator accused of multiple sex crimes. The Senate Secretary tries to devise a process that’s true to the Legislature’s rules — and tosses a grenade in the direction of Vermont’s media corps:

You can’t do it just on what you guys are printing in the newspaper.

Yeah, how dare we print stuff in the newspaper.

Anyway. Notice anything missing?

Well, I’ll tell you. Nobody, except little ol’ me and some of my regular commenters, is talking about the voters of Franklin County, who have to suffer McAllister’s continued presence as their duly elected representative, or the people of Vermont, who have to suffer an accused sex criminal’s presence in the Legislature.

Maybe I’m wrong, but aren’t lawmakers elected to serve the people? Shouldn’t Our Elected Servants be, at the very least, paying a little lip service to the people they serve? Shouldn’t the Legislature’s internal processes be designed to further the people’s interests?

Guess not. Because Fairness To Good Ol’ Norm, and Protecting The Institution, come first.

Here’s the thing. It doesn’t matter if Norm McAllister is convicted or exonerated in a criminal trial. Because based solely on what we already know, his presence in the Senate is a disgrace to the state and an insult to the good people of Franklin County.

As the frequent commenter known here as “newzjunqie” noted, McAllister has acknowledged having sexual relationships with multiple women who were financially dependent on him. He had a relationship with a teenager who he says is a troubled young woman, and even brought her to Montpelier to be his “assistant” and overnight companion.

In conversations recorded by police, he acknowledged trading free rent for sex with a tenant, and admitted that repeated sexual acts were not consensual. He apologized to one woman for a sex act that caused her physical and emotional pain.

Senator Peg Flory holds out hope that her buddy, Good Ol’ Norm, will be exonerated of all charges — that he might be the victim of vengeful women.

Sorry, Senator, that horse is already out of the barn. We already know that Norm McAllister is a sleazebag, a bully, and a rapist. The only thing left to be determined is the magnitude of his crimes.

The Senate doesn’t have to hold an open hearing on McAllister’s guilt or innocence. They can, and should, expel him based on information that’s publicly available today.

They should do so as quickly as possible. And in the meantime, they might want to at least pretend to consider We, The People when they’re wringing their hands over how to handle this distressing matter.

Times like these, make me think we’d be better off cleaning out the entire Senate and replacing them with 30 Vermonters selected in a random draw.


3 thoughts on “A little lip service for the electorate, please

  1. Linda Maloney

    I think Peter Shumlin’s got it right this time: McAllister should resign, and if he’s acquitted (ha!) he can run for re-election; no doubt he’ll be returned in a landslide of sympathy. When pigs like him fly.

  2. Dave Katz

    Sure is Exceptional in Vermont. ‘Specially in state government. No ethics committee, no conflicts of interest, no sexual predation…nope, nothing to see here, Johnny. Move it along. We’re busy protecting our self-regard.

  3. newzjunqie

    What is troubling is the bending-over-backwards to accomodate Good Old Norm the admittedly practiced perv, but blind eye and deaf ear for the victims. Flory is such a good sport – I give her a “Head in the Sand” award and bonus “See No Evil” plaque for uncompromising defense of an admitted sex tyrant of the troubled and trodden.

    There are commenters on Digger, all or mostly men who wonder why the victims are still there while simultaneously claiming he hasn’t admitted anything and positing that his words were twisted or maybe misunderstood (?!) Wow! That’s alot of faith! Getting a little disgusted at and increasingly suspicious of the likes of the steady staunch and stalwart defense of the indefensible. I hold out hope they are family members and friends and don’t represent most VTers.

    In answer to ‘why are they still there’, first of all where are they going to go? How are they going to pay the rent and deposits plus find gainful employment yesterday? How f’king cluelessly cruel. What is also being exposed is an underclass of ppl out of public view perhaps just a step above the homeless living in encampments and cars in warm weather, this is modern day slavery as they appear to be trying to eke out a survival mode of living – how many more? That is the backstory here and probably the overarching issue.

    Public housing is available to those who qualify according to income. Hoping any court action would include helping the victims get a new start.


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