The broken record skips again

Welp, another month, another Federal Election Commission filing deadline — and another dismal financial report from Your Vermont Republican Party. Its August report is now available online. So let’s sift through the debris…

The Vermont Republican Federal Elections Committee* began August with $28,069 in the bank. During the month, Total Receipts were a paltry $4,341. Expenditures were $15,299, so the party was hemorrhaging money.

*Although the VTGOP is a state party, federal law classifies the bulk of its activities as “federal.” So the FEC reports are the best indicator of the party’s finances.

But wait, it’s worse than that!

The party transferred $3800 from a non-federal account. Actual donations for August totaled $541.00.

Five hundred forty-one dollars. For an entire month.

On the expenditure side, the VTGOP is now carrying three paid staffers: Executive Director Jeff Bartley ($3200 net pay), Ben Garrow ($1900 net pay), and Republican National Committeewoman Susie Hudson. She had been pulling down $1,250 per month as a “fundraising consultant,” hahaha; sometime in July she became a salaried staffer. She was paid a net $1,200 in August, which means her gross compensation went up when she joined the staff.

Other notable expenses: it appears that the VTGOP paid travel expenses for a trip to Cleveland by Bartley and Republication National Committeeman Jay Shepard. Airfare, hotel, etc. Now, what happened in Cleveland in August? Why, the first debate by Republican presidential candidates, that’s what. I don’t know if Bartley and Shepard actually attended the debate on the VTGOP’s dime, but the dates match up.

From the list of expenditures, it looks like the total tab for the trip was somewhere north of $3,000. It’s hard to tell exactly what’s what on the expenditure report because the explanatory memos that are supposed to be attached, are not. Maybe they need a refresher course on FEC filing.

Whatever the money was for, the bottom line is that August was another bad financial month for the VTGOP. The party’s federal committee began this year with $47,552 in the bank; as of August 31 it was down to $17,110.

Hopefully for their sake, they’ll bring in a little cash between the Rand Paul fundraiser and the upcoming John Kasich event. Otherwise, if I were a Republican candidate for office in 2016, I’d have to expect little to no help from my state party.

Note. I am far from an expert on reading these FEC reports. But if my readings have been in error, I have yet to be corrected by anyone from the VTGOP. And I know they read this stuff.

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