Phil Scott wants your money

Now that the July 15 campaign finance reporting deadline is past, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott has begun to actively fundraise. He’s sent out a missive to “Friends and Supporters” asking for money. (And since the next reporting deadline isn’t until March 2016, for God’s sake, it’ll be the better part of a year before we find out how he’s doing. Way to fly under the radar, Phil.)

Not clear exactly what he wants money FOR, because he’s not yet ready to decide. Or so he says.

He does, however, inch noticeably closer to the gubernatorial starting line: “… we have more work to do, and I am preparing to step up and lead.” (bold print is his.) And later on, he writes:

“Strong teams get the best results. With the challenges we face right now in Vermont, teamwork is more important than ever and I believe I can lead a team that can make these things happen.”


Having manfully revved his engine, he concludes by slipping it into reverse:

“As I contemplate the best way for me to serve Vermont, I need your support and — just as important — your continued input, now more than ever.”

Sorry, I can’t spare a donation; but since my input is just as important, here it is: stick with being Lite-Gov. You can run your construction business and drive your race car. You can be everybody’s friend. You can bang your little gavel in the Senate. And just as important, you can continue your career-long avoidance of taking any unpopular stands or exercising anything resembling my definition of “leadership.”

Most of the letter is full of boilerplate attacks on “Montpelier,” which is apparently the VTGOP’s equivalent of “Massachusetts” or “San Francisco” — a wretched hive of liberalism, a place where your daughters go to be defiled. Personally, I resent my town being used as a pejorative, but I guess it’s Phil’s way of seeming nonpartisan. He doesn’t have to say “Democrats,” even as he uses every code word and dog whistle in the Republican arsenal to slam Democratic governance. Er, sorry, “Montpelier.”

Some of his message is on target. He talks of growing the economy and providing better-paying jobs. But he doesn’t give the slightest hint of how he would go about doing those things. And there’s the rub. There are progressive ways to encourage growth, and there are the tired old nostrums of the Republican Party: cut taxes, cut regulations, defang Act 250, and litter the skies with tax incentives.

And really, we have no idea how Phil Scott would try to grow the economy because he’s never told us.

Hey, it’s easy to look like a leader when all you do is pose manfully next to a stock car. It’s a whole nother thing to BE a leader.

Here’s the full letter:


2 thoughts on “Phil Scott wants your money

  1. Philip Beliveau

    This “grow the economy’ is bs. Why doesn’t anyone challenge it? Do we want more traffic and the cost of more infrastructure? Do we want more runoff into Lake Champlain? I can see better paying jobs as a positive goal but growth is not necessarily positive.

  2. Walter Carpenter

    “This “grow the economy’ is bs.” And who is going to benefit the most by this “grow the economy?”


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