No more listening and learning

After his humiliating near-defeat at the ham-fists of Scott Milne last November, Governor Shumlin said the result was “a very clear message to this governor to listen, learn, reflect, be more inclusive.”

Sounded good. But if he ever meant it, he’s all done with that wimpy crap now. On Friday, Shumlin was a guest on The Mark Johnson Show; it was a full-on display of his least endearing qualities. He stuck to his rhetorical guns; he sidestomped inconvenient questions; he refused to acknowledge any mistakes or failings; he contradicted himself with blind insouciance; he belittled those who disagree with him.

It was pretty damned awful. Perhaps it was understandable, since he spoke with Johnson directly after House Speaker Shap Smith’s appearance, in which he openly differed with Shumlin on the way forward for Vermont Health Connect. Shumlin has set two deadlines for VHC to hit designated performance targets, at the end of May and October; Smith says May is the only one that matters. And he said so, repeatedly, on live radio, mere minutes before Shumlin stepped to the mic.

And when the mic went live, here’s what the Governor had to say.

On the subject of Auditor Doug Hoffer’s report on VHC, which related a litany of bureaucratic and IT horrors:

No big surprises. Frankly, I’ve been saying, we’ve been saying since the exchange went up it’s been a huge disappointment.

Yeah, well, a few days before it went up, you used the infamous phrase “nothing-burger.”

Technically, I suppose it’s true that Shumlin has consistently expressed disappointment. But he’s also consistently expressed optimism that everything’s under control and a fix is just around the corner. He has made promises and set deadlines, and failed to meet his own performance marks every time. He has doused his own credibility with gasoline and set it afire.

I don’t think that’s a surprise to any Vermonters that are frustrated by the exchange.

This is one of Shumlin’s tiredest tricks: positioning himself as shoulder-to-shoulder with us Vermonters, sharing our aspirations and frustrations. Man Of The People. Hey, he likes to hunt and fish and drink Budweiser down at the Legion hall.

Problem is, it comes across as completely phony. It doesn’t convince anybody, no matter how painfully earnest his voice gets.

So really, the Auditor’s report reflects what we’ve been saying all along. It’s a helpful document, but we have dealt with the issues that he reported. That’s what audits tend to do; they look back instead of forward.

Perhaps true, but misleading. Hoffer’s audit focused on several independent reports evaluating the VHC process and recommending changes. Many of those changes were not made. Indeed, some previously identified problems continue to bedevil VHC and may prevent it from becoming fully operational.

ImNotWrongThere’s a bigger, more fundamental issue with Shumlin’s statement. He hates admitting he was ever wrong or uninformed. Trouble is, we’ve heard it before and we’ve stopped believing it.

What he should have said: “The Auditor’s report is a troubling document, revealing a number of failings by me and my administration. I apologize for the difficulties we have caused thousands of Vermonters. We are doing everything we can to correct our mistakes and do better from now on. I remain confident that Vermont Health Connect will become fully functional and serve Vermonters as we intended.”

Back to the real interview. For several minutes, Johnson tried to pin the Governor down on the real import of the two deadlines, May and October. What emerged was a kicking-and-screaming acknowledgement that there’s only one real deadline, and it’s the end of October.

I’m saying if those two functions don’t work by November, the deadline I laid out in a press conference a month ago, whenever it was, we are gonna look at whatever other options we have.

Well, actually he gave two deadlines. What would happen, Johnson asked, if the change of circumstance function isn’t working by the end of May — Shumlin’s self-selected deadline? Would the contractor get more time to fix it?

I’m not going to speculate on it not working. My job is to make it work.

That’s wrong on two counts. First, Shumlin himself has been talking about what will happen if it doesn’t work. And second, he’d be an irresponsible administrator if he didn’t have contingency plans.

Johnson, a bit taken aback by Shumlin’s assertion that he wasn’t “going to speculate on it not working,” replied “You’ve got to give the people some idea of what you’ll do if it doesn’t work.”

I did. I said if the change of circumstance is’t workin’ and if you can’t sign up folks for re-enrollment in November, we’re gonna make that decision together, we should move on if it doesn’t work.

Okay, so now he did do the very thing he just denied he had done. And he conveniently deep-sixed his own May deadline, opening a line of retreat for possible use on June 1.

Finally, Johnson asked if November was the real, actual deadline. Shumlin said “Yes.” Johnson pointed out that “The Speaker says it’s May.”

I don’t see this as a test of dates. I see this as a challenge to make the exchange work the way we all wish it to work for all Vermonters.

Well, it wasn’t the Speaker’s idea to set dates; it was the Governor’s. Now he doesn’t want to talk dates. And in downplaying May 31 in favor of October 31, he has deepened the divide between himself and Smith.

All in all, it was a performance that echoed the worst of pre-election Shumlin — the overweeningly self-confident Master Of His Domain and ersatz Man Of The People. I guess he’s done all the listening he wants to do, and he didn’t like what he heard.

2 thoughts on “No more listening and learning

  1. newzjunqie

    In the exchange w/Johnson manages to dismiss all questions by waving them away like inconvenient pests such as flies. Arrogant behavior of a bon vivant comes to mind. And manages to even out-disingenous himself which isn’t easy given he’s done so many times before.

    Sad to watch someone who clearly has no clothes so blithely and apparently giving us a line that any con artist would be proud of.

    Plus the real date is Nov, May 31, well lets call it June merely added as another weasel-worded & empty promise. More trickery from our inherently dishonest guv. Had he said what the date really is, that is actually Nov and end of the year, his base as well as the rest of VTers may have turned his property into a bonfire as well as running him out of VT on a rail. Before May-lets-call-it-June is is enough in fact it is too long already. We are past the midnight hour of reconciling hostaged millions in play here.

    Nov — as in ‘the end of 2015’ – and possibly too late for getting into the federal exchange. Plus if they’re making what our six-figured leaders call “progress”, well why not an extension in Nov and even more wasted revenue and above all to keep the six-figured six-figured as long as possible if there’s a smidgen of what these bozos call progress. On another site they’re called ‘worse than drunken clown car drivers’ (no offense to the drunken clown car drivers).

    Although Shap likely is partly motivated political ambitions, and unlike our recalcitrant governor redognizes it would be irresponsible to continue past June, er, May. Lets hope he receives full support from our lawmakers as he is one of our only hopes.

    To drag Vermonters any further down this garden path for his own as well as The Team’s selfish and moneyed reasons would be breathtakingly foolish as is all of the rest of this sad tale, and all while no-penalties-or-dates Optum and all of the other contractors continue to soak us only to eventually leave with their fortunes as CGI did and bringing us closer to financial ruin and further from our goals.

  2. newzjunqie

    From VPR:
    Miller sez:

    “I have to make a recommendation to the [Legislature’s] Joint Fiscal committee in November as to whether or not we should do something different. I’ll make that recommendation based on where we are then, not where we are on June 1,” Miller says.

    Smith sez:

    Smith, however, is taking the May 30 deadline far more seriously. If the deadline goes unmet, then Smith says he’ll begin working immediately to change course.
    Soo… who holds the magic can of whoopass – the governor’s crew or the leg? Can the leg act independently of the guv in this case? I must say I just don’t know the intricasies but Shap sounded rather adamant jmo but I never know if the strongly-spoken have cover we know not of that makes the point mootish and allows them to make bold but empty threats.

    Also from VPR under a pic of Shummy:
    “Shumlin: State Will Abandon Exchange If Problems Persist Through May.”


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