RNC leader thinks better of Israel trip

Hmm. Apparently Reince Priebus, the chair of the Republican National Committee, ducked out of that big trip to Israel arranged by the hateful bigoted folks at the American Family Association.

Priebus was one of the many top Republicans, including Vermont’s own Susie Hudson, who were booked on a nine-day trip to Israel paid for, and guided by, officials of the American Family Association and its subsidiary, the American Renewal Project. The voyagers left last weekend, but Priebus was spotted this week in Washington, D.C. after a meeting with Senate Republicans. Talking Points Memo:

His appearance in Washington came as something of a surprise after the founder of the American Renewal Project, David Lane, told the Israeli newspaper Haaretz last week that he would be taking Priebus, Priebus’ wife and about 60 other committee members to the Holy Land.

The trip was scheduled in November, but became a source of controversy last week after the Israeli media outlet Haaretz spilled the inconvenient beans about the AFA’s extreme Christianist positions.

You know, it’s funny how the Republican Party doesn’t mind offending Americans with its close ties to a hate group, but it’s afraid to offend Israelis. Yeah, funny.

I guess Priebus decided that discretion was the better part of valor, and quietly canceled. Hudson and the others made the trip, and are currently getting their heads filled with AFA dogma about Middle Eastern politics. Perhaps when Hudson comes back on Sunday, someone from the Vermont media will ask her what she learned, and about the appropriateness of the Republican National Committee accepting the lavish hospitality of the American Family Association.

Let’s hope so. To date, Seven Days’ Paul Heintz is the only reporter to pursue this story. How about it, VTDigger, Burlington Free Press, Vermont Press Bureau, Associated Press, VPR, WCAX, and WPTZ? The Vermont Republican Party actively distances itself from the more extreme provinces of national conservatism; how do its leaders explain one of their own, who holds a top position with the national party, taking an expensive AFA junket and absorbing its poisonous worldview?

3 thoughts on “RNC leader thinks better of Israel trip

  1. chuck gregory

    And would the Vermont Political Observer have been as tough on Suzie Hudson if the APA had instead arranged the trip to one of the other fifty states?

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Are you implying an anti-Israel bias on my part? If so, that’s quite a stretch. To answer the question, my criticism is based on three things: (1) the toxic nature of the AFA (not APA), (2) the expense involved; the bigger the cost, the greater the implied obligation, and (3) the fact that this trip became a known, and controversial, item in the news.

      There is something different about Israel as the destination, but it has nothing to do with Israeli or Middle Eastern politics. It has to do with the AFA as the sponsor, and its twisted view of the Middle East. Which Ms. Hudson has had lots of chances to absorb.

      1. chuck gregory

        Not at all! I was referring to our country’s treatment of Israel as the 51st state. Just about everything in the US Christian-Israel relationship is risible. The AFA wants Israel to succeed in order for the Second Coming to happen; AIPAC, the American-Israeli Political Action Committee, wants AFA to succeed, even though this means that every Jew in the world would be condemned to eternity in Hell; the Israeli custom of having all their Christian guests tour Vad Hashem, their Holocaust museum, even as they behave more and more toward Palestinians and Israeli Arabs as the Germans did to them; and of course, patriotic freedom-loving American Christians throwing their support toward a burgeoning theocracy which will be neither Christian nor Muslim, but a theocracy nevertheless.

        If anybody has issues with my stance, I will say that had I been born in Germany, under government definitions of racial purity, I would have spent my first family vacation in Bergen-Belsen or the like.

        I doubt you will write anything which offends me with a bias. Keep up the good work.

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