Metapost: Old Three Hundredth

This is the 300th post on theVPO. Seemed like a good time for a few reminders, especially since I seem to have picked up a lot of new readers in the past couple of weeks.

The contents of this blog are my own creation. This is a place for commentary and analysis of Vermont politics (and the political media) from my point of view, drawing on my thirty-odd years as a journalist and political observer. Having reached the dawn of my senior years, and having found no place for myself in Vermont’s small and shrinking journalistic ecosystem, I decided to make a place of my own. The advantage is I run the joint; the disadvantage is that the rewards are entirely of the intangible variety.

I am a liberal, but not a doctrinaire one. Some of my opinions are not widely shared in liberal circles — for instance, I think development and growth are good things when done in a reasonable manner. For another instance, I don’t think the Vermont Gas pipeline is that big a deal. Also, I don’t shy away from criticizing liberal officeholders when they deserve it. If anything, I try to hold them to a higher standard; they are, after all, carrying my flag.

This site has existed since late June, and it has given me quite a lot of intangible satisfaction.  Readership has consistently grown, which means a lot of people are getting something out of this and the word is spreading. I appreciate your time and attention; I try to be informative and entertaining, and to shine my own unique light on our politics. My only currency is my credibility, and your readership is a nice validation. I thank you, whether you come here for information, entertainment, or (for my many conservative readers) a little something to purge the bile.

I invite you to follow this blog. In the right-hand column, you’ll see a “Follow” button. Click that, submit an email address, and you’ll get a notification every time I write a new post.

I welcome comments. I have enabled comment moderation, which means I have to approve a comment before it goes up. But I’m very generous about it; my grounds for trashing a comment have mainly to do with spam and really abusive stuff.

Thanks for visiting. I hope you come back.

4 thoughts on “Metapost: Old Three Hundredth

  1. Bud Haas

    Perhaps you could tell us what “growth in a reasonable manner” looks like. Have you read Naomi Klein’s “This Changes Everything”?

  2. Anthony Iarrapino

    I’ve enjoy your commentary and especially appreciate this aspect of it:

    “Also, I don’t shy away from criticizing liberal officeholders when they deserve it. If anything, I try to hold them to a higher standard; they are, after all, carrying my flag.”

    Imagine how much pain our nation would have been spared if true conservatives had called George W. Bush on his abandonment of core conservative principles, e.g., his massive deficit spending and his expansion of the federal bureaucracy through the creation of the Dept. of Homeland Security.

    Ideas and outcomes should be more important than the success of individual politicians. Politicians across the party and ideological spectrum rise to ever higher office all the time. At the end of the day, the ideas politicians espouse and the way they act or don’t act consistently with those ideas ought to be of greatest importance to We the People. Who cares if politician X jumps from the legislature to the Governorship to the Senate, etc. if that person sells out his or her base on the way up the ladder. We need to see politicians as vehicles for ideas. Unless you are related to the politician, his or her success is just a means to the end of a better society rather than an end unto itself.

  3. Sen. Joe Benning

    John: This seems like a good opportunity to ask what the significance is to the font size in the list of names under “Catagories” in the upper right corner of your blog. What’s the scoop with that? Just curious.


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