Shorter Feliciano: Money is Bad, when it’s not mine

One of the lesser pieces of flotsam to hit the beach after Governor Shumlin’s first campaign commercial went on the air was a written statement from Libertarian candidate Dan Feliciano. (I guess Scott Milne was too busy doing… something… to issue a stattement, so Feliciano seized the token-response space.)

And here it is, in all its hypocritical glory:

The reality is Governor Shumlin’s failed leadership is what is hurting Vermonters, but Peter Shumlin will reach into his million dollar war chest and run endless ads spinning a false narrative and trying to convince hard working Vermonters that his big Government programs are the solutions to their problems.

Oh, that’s rich. Dan Feliciano thinks that the Governor will use his big honkin’ bankroll to pull the wool over Vermonters’ eyes.

This, from a guy who believes that money is speech, and there should be no limits on campaign contributions. Stop it, Dan: you’re embarrassing yourself and undermining your own principles.

Your own narrative of the political process should lead you to congratulate the Governor for going out, working hard, and convincing people to give money to his campaign. It’s the American Dream, right?

Reminds me of a time a few years back when I was listening to professional Liberty Puppet Rob Roper flappin’ his gums on WDEV Radio. He was complaining about the imbalance in Vermont’s nonprofit community — that those on the left were far stronger and deeper-pocketed than those on the right. The Robster, at the time, was fronting his own struggling nonprofit, so you might say he had a conflict of interest. But I certainly never heard him complain about the vast Koch Brothers nonprofit network. Nor will he complain about the Kochs’ money underwriting his current gig at the Ethan Allen Institute.

But in the case of Vermont nonprofits, as with gubernatorial warchests, the shoe’s on the wrong foot for our doughty, independent Vermont conservatives. To put it another way, it’s not fair when liberals have the money.

4 thoughts on “Shorter Feliciano: Money is Bad, when it’s not mine

  1. Jay Rodgers

    The press release reeks of Darcy’s simple style of writing and her ‘take whatever shot you can get’ approach to campaign management. As many Vermonter’s have come to know, she’s the type of person who will forego the very ‘values’ of the campaign to take a cheap shot that will undoubtedly make it into the free press or some baser medium. This isn’t politics – its

    It’s clear Dan did not write this. Sadly, anyone who was fortunate enough to have listened to his interview on VPR this week would be amazed that he could even write anything. It was tough to listen to – the man was barely able to put a coherent thought together throughout the interview. At one point he mentioned through his own brand of word salad that he believes that ‘Vermonters are smart enough to make their own decisions’ and thus don’t need ‘big government making their decisions.

    I wonder if this philosophy also applies to the man who has been deluded into running for office on a platform that would ironically hurt him and his own family and their wellbeing.

    1. Jay Rodgers

      *Correction – This isn’t politics – it’s how Darcy lowers the caliber of discourse in Vermont and scams unknowing candidates into hiring her as a ‘campaign consultant’ at six figures.


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