Metapost: Hello, Stranger

This humble politiblog has experienced a record spike in pageviews and unique visitors in the last 48 hours, thanks in large part to my coverage of ex-Governor Jim Douglas’ incendiary comments about his successor Peter Shumlin and state Supreme Court Justice Beth Robinson.

For those just joining us, thanks for stopping by. You’re welcome anytime. But perhaps a little background is in order.

This is not a news website. It’s a personal blog with a distinct point of view. I’m a liberal, but not always a conventional one. For instance, I believe that economic development is a good and necessary thing, and we need to implement renewable energy as broadly as possible. On the other hand, I strongly believe that Vermont’s tax system is too gentle with top earners and needs rebalancing.

But the main focus of theVPO isn’t public policy — it’s politics. It’s the process, the punch and counterpunch, the strategy and tactics of earning the public’s support and exercising political power. And often, it’s the foibles, missteps, and overreaches. It’s the hubris, the politicians with a highly developed sense of entitlement.

Those guys drive me nuts. (And they’re pretty much all “guys.”)

It’s also about the media that cover Vermont politics. As a longtime journalist, I’m keenly aware of the profession’s standards and the social obligation it presumes to bear. I criticize the media when they fall short, and give them due credit when they perform well. 

Although I’m a liberal, I’m an equal opportunity critic. Democrat, Republican, Progressive; officeholder, candidate, operative, advocate, or activist. I want my liberal politicians to succeed; whenever they fall short, they’re imperiling the cause, so I hold them to a high standard. I’ve even — clutch pearls — said some unflattering things about St. Patrick Leahy.

All I can offer is the quality of my insights and the entertainment value of my writing. If you like what you read, please come back. And let other people know. If you want to keep informed of new posts, I offer an RSS feed over in the right-hand column. It’s simple, quick, and your email Will Not Be Sold To Nigerian Princes. Or anyone else.

Finally, a note about Comments. I employ Comment Moderation, which means when you write a comment, it goes into limbo until I review it. I’m very generous with approval; I only disapprove spam, personal attacks, and irrelevance. I’m happy to approve comments that disagree with me. I do reserve the right to reply.

That’s it. Again, thanks for stopping by. And don’t be a stranger.

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