Looks like the jig is up for the one-man effort to find Republican candidates for Attorney General, Auditor, Secretary of State and Treasurer. By all appearances, RecruitFour is no more. When you try to open its Facebook page, you get redirected to Facebook’s home page. 

RecruitFour: Born July 2014, died August 2014. Rest In Pieces. 

How fondly I recall those halcyon days of yore when RecruitFour boasted of having identified three candidates for the four offices. Well, “halcyon day” is more like it, since two of the three quickly declined the honor. But even after scrubbing its page of any reference to the refuseniks, RecruitFour continued to insist that the search was still on. 

Well, that didn’t last long. 

Now, maybe there’s a technical glitch and RecruitFour will come storming back like the angry elephant in its logo. But I don’t think so; a quiet, unannounced “Delete” is a fitting end for this ill-starred venture. 

It does have one teeny-tiny accomplishment to its credit: its identified write-in candidate for Attorney General, Shane McCormack, has set up his own campaign website. To which I say, good luck with that. 

My only regret is that we’ll never know the identity of the lone Republican behind RecruitFour. It never gained enough traction to generate media interest (aside from me throwing tomatoes in its direction) and bring the anonymous instigator out of the shadows. And somehow I don’t think he’ll* be stepping forward to take credit for this failure, or list it on his resume for future political employment. 

*It’s almost gotta be a man, right? Only a man would publicly promote the ersatz candidacies of two women without asking their permission.

Oh well. Sorry to see you go, RecruitFour, but there’s still plenty of comedy in Vermont politics. 

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