Ladies and gentlemen, the Hack has left the building

Darcie Johnston, consistently loserish conservative campaign consultant and the “brains” behind Vermonters for Health Care Freedom, and one of the dead-enders sidelined by the Phil Scott/Dave Sunderland takeover of the VTGOP, has taken to Twitter to lend her support to…

Screen Shot 2014-06-25 at 8.58.39 PM

For those who can’t place the name, Dan Feliciano is the Libertarian candidate for Governor. He credits himself with being a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt. So I guess he’s a champion of a management process that’s been out of vogue since the 1990s.

Plus, for someone whose mantra is “deep Expertise (sic) in helping organizations, private and public sector, decrease costs, improve productivity, customer satisfaction and revenue,” his campaign website is full of typos, grammatical errors, and non sequiturs. A brief sampling, and this is just from the home page:

“People should be empowered AND accountable to live the lives they chose.”

many other states have experienced a sharp decline on tax revenues

My prior experience AND expertise includes actually doing the following; (as a matter of fact, I’m probably the only candidate who has actual experience doing the following with the exception of cutting taxes but neither do the other candidates.) Cut spending and improving productivity.

No Single payor system

Equal rights and equal freedom for all Vermonters, all Vermonters

Plus, as you saw above, whenever the word “expertise” appears, the first “E” is capitalized and the entire word is in bold print, which is the sort of thing you expect from fringey nutball candidates.

Oh yeah, never mind.

Anyway, I do believe the Hack has finally found a candidate who can live down to her standards. I’m sure Scott Milne and the entire Vermont Republican Party are crestfallen by the loss of her support.


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