Me on the radio (updated)

Hey, I’m at the very compact digs of WDEV, getting ready to do the Mark Johnson Show today from 9 to 11 a.m. EDT. 550 AM or 96.1 FM in northern/central Vermont. One of m;y scheduled guests canceled yesterday, which set off an invigorating scramble for a substitute.

Bit it all worked out nicely. Here’s the revised rundown.

9:00 am: Roger Allbee, former Douglas Administration Agriculture Secretary. The lifelong Republican is running for the State Senate as a Democrat. He’ll talk about his decision to run, and to switch parties; and we’ll ask him if he had an honest change of heart, or if it’s sheer political opportunism at work.

9:40 am: Cary Brown, Executive Director of the Vermont Commission on Women. She just returned from the White House Summit on Working Families. We’ll talk about the summit and what was actually accomplished, beyond the sound bites and photo ops.

10:10 am: State Rep. Chris Pearson, chair of the Progressive Party caucus in the State House. He’ll be talking about the state of the party heading into the 2014 campaign, its challenges and opportunities, and its highest-profile candidate: Dean Corren, who will take on incumbent Lieutenant Governor Phil Scott.

Tune in if you can, on the radio or online at



1 thought on “Me on the radio (updated)

  1. Ted Scatchard, Shelburne.

    Glad to hear your use of the Mark show this morning, I agree with your eye on the prize concept related to the montpelier/boyscout interaction. Another subject that I think most Vermonters (among all others) should get to the value of is the concept of begin to repair society in a way that seems to work. is a program that exemplifies a concept that our governor (as typical of just about everybody) is not grasping. Give a hand up to those who will become abusers, addicts, parents etc. when they are developing – not after they have developed into a problem for themselves and others. from the homepage on the right under what’s new, is the front page article from washington post recently and a little video – 5 schools in the DC area just completed their 1st year of ROE. Also convincing from homepage, under WHAT WE DO, go to research, click on 2009 research report (something like that – large print upper left). this gets you charts of results. Going to the research heading directly, gets you deeper wordier stuff. Root Of Empathy by Mary Gordon (the book) is in the Shelburne library, therefore available throughout the state. Please and thank you, Ted Scatchard


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