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Shake them pom-poms, Mikey!

Michael Townsend, Executive Editor of the Burlington Free Press, was feeling his oats last night. He sent out a couple of downright obnoxious Tweets promoting the Freeploid’s spectacular coverage of yesterday’s inaugural protest.

(As Tweeter @murf_VT pointed out, Mikey forgot the “h” in “http,” making the link inoperative. He’s gonna get a failing grade from Picasso for that.)

Does Townsend really believe this kind of stuff helps the Free Press in any way? Do readers — sorry, consumers — pay any attention to this?

I can tell you one thing it accomplishes: it makes everyone else in Vermont media think Michael Townsend is an asshole. I mean, it’s perfectly acceptable to express pride in your organization’s work — and the Free Press team did work hard yesterday — but you don’t have to implicitly denigrate your equally hard-working peers.