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Essex Republicans pull a bait-and-switch

The good people of the Essex Republican Party held a BBQ* yesterday at Maple Street Park. Fun, food, and plenty of Republican candidates. If “fun” and “Republican candidates” aren’t too contradictory for your taste. 

*For foodies, yes, it was the kind of BBQ where they don’t actually serve any “barbecue.” 

Here’s a little bumpf taken from a pre-event email sent by candidate Paul Dame: 

Food is $10/person, $15/couple – or feed your whole family for only $20!! 

While the kids are on the playground, you can enjoy meeting the following candidates who will be on the ballot in November:

Mark Donka – U.S. House 

Scott Milne – Governor 

Shane McCormack – Attorney General 

Diane Snelling & Joy Limoge – Chittenden County Senate 

Linda Myers, Bob Bancroft, Tim Allard, Paul Dame – State Representative

…and many more!

 The event will include hamburgers, hot dogs, veggie burgers, pasta salad, chips, dessert, and drinks. There will also be several door prizes in addition to a 50/50 drawing!

Okay, fine, nothing wrong there. Standard political fare. Except for one thing: the sign they put up at the entrance.EssexBBQ 

Which simply says “ESSEX FAMILY BBQ.” Nothing about “Republican” or “Politics” or “Candidates,” or the Essex Republicans, which took home the proceeds. Just a friendly invitation to a “Familiy BBQ.” A passerby could reasonably conclude it was a civic event put on by the town of Essex.

And they had enough room to do it right. All they had to do was shift “FAMILY” down one line, and insert “GOP” below “ESSEX.” 

There are two possibilities here. One, that the Essex Republicans couldn’t afford three more letters for their sign. Or two, that they were trying to trick folks into buying tickets. Which implies that these Republicans believe the word “Republican” is a turnoff. Sad.   

And on a bright sunny Sunday afternoon, there must have been lots of people using the park. How many fell for the ruse, and wound up paying ten bucks a head for a bunch of political speechifying?

p.s. Notice who’s missing from the rogues’ gallery of candidates? Yeah, Phil Scott, Your Party Leader, once again steering his own course. 

p.p.s. Interesting billing in the Dame e-mail. “Mark Donka” gets the top line over “Scott Milne”? Really?