The Dregs Find Their Own Level

Time for a victory lap.

In the past several weeks, I wrote a series of posts about far-right extremist types seeking local elective office. Well, I couldn’t be more pleased to report that all but one of them lost on Town Meeting Day. The exception: Jennifer Cole Patterson, who beat The VPO Curse and somehow won a seat on the Franklin West Supervisory Union school board.

Funny thing. She won handily, but her fellow Fairfax fruitbat Daniel Mincica got absolutely trashed. Hard to discern a trend there.

In general, there weren’t nearly as many ultraconservatives on Town Meeting Day ballots as there were last year. Some of them, I’m sure, managed to avoid exposure. But my sense is that fewer of them are bothering. The vast majority lost in 2022. Maybe they’re getting the message?

Now, let’s run down the rest of the Dishonor Roll.

The Barre Baker, Tim Boltin, lost to incumbent Councilor Emel Cambel by a 55% to 45% margin. Boltin had made a game effort to downplay his conservatism; problem is, he’s a pretty well known commodity in Barre so his camouflage wasn’t very effective.

Chris Viens, longtime member and former chair of the Waterbury Select Board and definitely not a racist, was defeated by 17 votes in his bid for a fourth term.

Over to Milton, where failed House candidate Allison Duquette added another failure to her political resume. She and fellow anti-CRTer Nicholas Smith lost their bids for school board to a pair of pro-equity candidates.

Robert Fireovid, candidate for school board in South Hero, not only lost — he got absolutely mollywhopped, winning only 20% of the vote. Fireovid had taken to Front Porch Forum to complain that I had slandered him by the dastardly means of quoting his on-the-record comments.

That’s the rundown. Oh, there is one other note: Extra special bonus Loser Prize to anti-trans commentator Joshua Slocum. His town of Winooski just elected an entirely LGBTQ+ select board. I suppose he can take comfort by casting himself in the role of prophet spurned by his own land.

That’s it for now. I’ve got a second post to write about other TMD topics, which might be available by the time you read this one.


2 thoughts on “The Dregs Find Their Own Level

  1. gunslingeress

    Your reference to a losing candidate (conservative) being like a prophet spurned by his own land is not something you should exult in. Or point out on a liberal website. In the Bible, prophets who were spurned by their own lands were right and the lands that spurned them were wrong, and eventually fell from their embrace of sin and hedonism. Be careful of your references. You are unwittingly endorsing the Biblical warning to nations and municipalities.


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