This Is Your Time

There is a serious shortage of political talent in Vermont this year. It’s a consequence of an historic turnover in statewide offices and the Legislature. Lots and lots of campaigns, all with a variety of roles to fill. Some paid, mostly volunteer.

So. If you want to make your voice heard, this is your time. Got a candidate you like? Get in touch with them and ask what you can do. Perform well, and you’ll earn the candidate’s trust. You’ll be part of their team.

Right now is the best time to step forward. Many legislative districts are heavily Democratic or Republican (and in a few cases, Progressive). In those places, the key contest is the August primary. If there’s a competitive primary in a strongly blue or red district, get in there and work for the candidate you prefer. You’ll be in on the ground floor. You’ll get to know likeminded people. You’ll feel like you have a stake, an influence, in our politics.

“Feel” nothing; you will have influence.

It doesn’t take much. A few hours a week will be a godsend.

You may be wondering if you have any applicable skills. Believe me, you do.

Not many of us are qualified to be a campaign manager, although most of that job is keeping things organized and maintaining a candidate’s schedule. Conversationalist? The door-to-door game is a constant need. Got some writing talent? Help write press releases, campaign literature and other text. Strong social media game? Oh, just about any candidate will kiss your feet. Good with numbers? Help with campaign finance.

Don’t feel comfortable with any of that? Volunteer to drive, or ride along with, a candidate. Take pictures on the campaign trail for social media. Make phone calls, distribute flyers, write postcards on a candidate’s behalf. Know a few likeminded people? Make it a social occasion.

Are you on Front Porch Forum? In multi-town districts, a campaign will need a resident of each town to post items.

Do you live in a district with no competitive races? Volunteer for a candidate you really like no matter where they are. And of course, any Vermonter can sign on with any statewide candidate. They need people. They really need people.

You can make a big difference if you step forward right now.


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