A Pair of Hardcore Trumpsters Are Running for Barre City Council

Meet Brian Judd, everyone. Candidate for Barre City Council, challenging Ward 2 incumbent Teddy Waszazak. Frequent Facebook poster. And QAnon-style nutcase.

The other hopeful who features hateful Trumpist crap on his Facebook page is Timothy Boltin, who will oppose Emel Cambel for a Ward 1 seat currently held by the retiring John Steinman. (Boltin is also the owner of Delicate Decadence, a downtown bakery that you can decide whether you choose to patronize or not. I won’t.)

Each man’s Facebook feed is full of anti-Democrat, pro-Trump, sometimes racist memes and quick Photoshop jobs.

The Times Argus today published a long piece on the candidate lineup for Town Meeting Day, and filled some background on those running for Council. But they didn’t think to check the candidates’ social media presences. Which, these days, ought to be Journalism 101 for those covering an election contest. (The article, for whatever reason, has yet to be posted on the T-A’s website.) I thought the good people of Barre deserved to know who they might be voting for.

There’s more… oh God, so much more… from Judd and Boltin’s Facebook feeds… after the jump.

Let’s start with Mr. Judd, last seen opposing the Barre City Council’s ill-fated plan to fly the “Black Lives Matter” flag in City Hall Park. He said it would be “too divisive.” Well, hell, not nearly as divisive as his trash-tastic social media feed. Like this:


Judd’s hatred of all things Democratic covers the usual ground…

Most of Judd’s postings are cut-and-paste jobs, but once in a while he gets into a creative writing mode. The results are kind of unfortunate.

Gee, that didn’t age well.

It’s strange, when you think about it, that Judd is running in a small-D democratic election, considering that he clearly believes that the Dems have hijacked the electoral system.

Finally, a parting shot at our new President.

How’d that work out for you, Mr. Judd?

Now on to bakery owner Boltin, whose Facebook presence is far more decadent than it is delicate. Let’s start with some blatant racism, shall we?

Ah, remember the good old days when you could insult any ethnic group without any blowback? Them’s were the days.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. Like Judd, Boltin also loves the memes that cast doubt on Biden’s mental acuity because OLD, I guess.

Uh, no, don’t think so.

Boltin also hates the media, as reflected in the post that says “The Deadliest Virus in America is the Media.” And of course he despises Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

I could go on… and on… and on… and on, but this is a decent sampling of the online hate speech of two men who aspire to leadership positions in their community. Voters in Barre can decide whether they want this type of person on their City Council.


6 thoughts on “A Pair of Hardcore Trumpsters Are Running for Barre City Council

  1. Melissa Casey

    Don’t worry – the communists have fixed all elections from here on out. Fraud is here to stay! Our vote hasn’t mattered in 15 years and it never will again because the communist Marxists are in control and here to stay!


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