Racism wins again

Look out, kid, no matter what you did

Great. Another person of color has been harassed out of public office. It’s like Vermont is living in a racist Groundhog Day.

This time it’s Alicia Barrow, resigning from the Hartford Selectboard. Funny, I thought the Upper Valley was pretty progressive. Guess not.

“Blatant bigotry,” she wrote in her resignation letter, caused her to “no longer feel safe nor welcome in a place I have called home for 15 years.” She has received, wrote the Valley News, “racial slurs and death threats over the phone, in person and by email during her time on the board.”

And what did local authorities do about it? Jack shit, apparently. Barrow reported one specific threat to the police, who did nothing. In fact, she fears “retaliation” by the Hartford PD because of her advocacy for defunding the police.

Tell me again how Vermont is all open and welcoming and tolerant.

Tell me why law enforcement, up to and including Attorney General T.J. Donovan, can’t help Vermonters of color live their lives in peace and security, and maybe even hold elective office without fearing for their safety.

Because Vermont will not be open or welcoming until we figure this out.


4 thoughts on “Racism wins again

  1. Douglas Shane

    Bigotry, whether based on race, religion, or anything else is reprehensible and must be dealt with seriously. That the police have filed no charges over Ms. Barrow’s horrendous harassment is unforgiveable!
    This story, the most recent of other such incidents, is yet another source of shame for our “Brave Little State,” which is obviously too unwilling to deal with systemic racism.
    If local and state government will not move to defend all of our citizens from this kind of abuse, then outside agencies need to be involved, e.g.; the U.S. Department of Justice and F.B.I….

    1. Isis

      The reason why no charges have been filed is because they are baseless lies made by a woman who is trying to lay a foundation for her political and familial misdeeds. This is a woman who has no problem lying to law enforcement and has helped cover up crimes in the past (in which she received immunity for). Rather than commenting in something you know nothing about, do some investigation into the person making the claim and you’d see it’s all a farse.
      She never filed any complaints with the local police department. Her children were taken away from her over allegations of child abuse and she has pending domestic assault charges being brought by the state. She has no respect for anyone and believes that she’s owed everything. Maybe you should file a records request with the court to get an idea of the type of person she is.

      1. Douglas Shane

        Care to offer any substantiation for your claims – or are allegations all you have to offer?

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