I Think We’re All Traitors On This Bus

Well, this should be fun.

I mean, who could pass up a trip to D.C. on a bus full of Trump fanatics, who will presumably not be complying with Covid-19 recommendations on mask wearing and social distancing? Just think: You could have the chance to get Jay Shepard’s spittle on your shirt!

(That’s probably not true. If Shepard is going to D.C., he won’t ride a bus with the plebes. He’ll fly.)

Nice to know that the Chittenden County Republicans are supporting the #TreasonForTrump excursion. They’re right in step with the politics of their county, yes?

The grim details of this Road Trip To Hell And Back: The bus departs Tuesday evening from South Burlington, makes a stop in Rutland, and then heads south on a 10-hour, all-night-long bus trip to Washington, D.C. Travelers are urged to “bring a blanket and pillow” so they can get a good night’s sleep on a freaking bus. They’ll arrive in Washington early Wednesday morning, participate in futile pro-Trump rallies outside the Capitol, and then it’s back on the bus for another 10-hour all-nighter.


But wait, there’s more!

The cost of this extravaganza: $100 per person. In addition to the slowest possible mode of transportation this side of Passenger Tortoise, you’ll also get free bottled water!

As far as food is concerned, well, you’re on your own. Self-reliance, don’t ya know.

There is a potential fly in this luxurious ointment, however. They might not locate enough self-loathing “patriots” to sign up for this Spring Break For Conspiracy Theorists. At the bottom of the solicitation, it says “We are well on our way, but if we can not fill up the bus, then all proceeds will be returned.” (Italics theirs)

Organizers also arranged for a reminder to be posted on True North Reports three days ago, helpfully entitled “Still Room on the Trump Bus Going to D.C.” All of which tells me they’re not anywhere near filling that bus. “We are well on our way” and “Still Room” is the kind of phraseology used by the VTGOP when an event is falling flat on its face.

This affront to democracy is one more indication that the Republican Party is all-in on Trump. Even after his treasonous phone call with Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, in which Our Leader told the secretary to go whomp up enough votes to turn the Georgia election — and threatened him with criminal prosecution if he didn’t.

Trump’s going round the bend. And a lot of Vermont Republicans, including the Chittenden County party, are right there behind him, come hell or high water.


2 thoughts on “I Think We’re All Traitors On This Bus

  1. bombaysapphiremartiniupwithextraolivesstirred

    HMMMMM? Does one have to be a card-carrying member of the Chittenden County Republicans to participate in this charade?


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