Massive Coincidence Strikes #vtpoli World

Throughout this weird campaign season, Gov. Phil Scott had insisted he was too busy with pandemic response to do any fundraising, campaigning or debating.

Until yesterday. In an interview with Seven Days, Scott reversed course: “I do feel that I owe it to the competition, as well as to the process, to get myself involved in the last three or four weeks [of the campaign].”

Ahem. Let’s recap.

On Friday the 10th, Your Obedient Serpent took Scott to task for refusing to campaign.

On Monday the 13th, Scott reversed course.

This could be one huge, belief-beggaring coincidence. But am I going to take some credit for Scott’s change of heart?

You bet I am.

For those just joining us, the point I tried to make is that Scott is an elected official, and “Part of the deal is re-applying for the position — going back to the voters and making a case for why he should continue in office. And as long as he sticks to his full-time Covid-fighting claim, he won’t be doing that part of his job.”

And now, or so he says, he’s going to start doing that part of his job.

Good for him.

And let this be a lesson, boys, girls, and all my little friends: The life of a blogger may be completely non-lucrative. You will sometimes feel like you’re shouting into the wind. There will be days when it seems like all the feedback is loud and negative. But once in a while, you can feel like you made a difference.


4 thoughts on “Massive Coincidence Strikes #vtpoli World

  1. g2-4defad001ff5faec21d31d0bd81192f6

    Why should he debate a bigoted, racist homophobe like Klar? You’re doing Soulia’s job for him. Why would you do that? I mean besides the fact that your a Democrat party pundit as opposed to a journalist, but never mind that for now.

  2. John Bauer

    I posted your Friday story on FB and tagged him. You were right on point.

    I for one read pretty much everything you post and find you are often correct in your analysis.

    Please keep at it as long as you can stand it.

    Best, John

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