Hiatus 2: The Endiggening

For the second time in its brief history, The Vermont Political Observer is headed into the deep freeze. I’ve accepted a gig as a political columnist and contributor for VTDigger. I’ll be writing weekly columns on the website, and contributing daily to Digger’s “Final Reading,” an email newsletter that you can get for free simply by signing up.

The folks at Digger approached me a few weeks ago. I wasn’t particularly looking for a job, nor did I expect any offers, and it took some thought before I accepted. I love the freedom of blogging. And last time around at Seven Days, fitting me into a journalistic enterprise proved to be quite the strain (on all of us).

But hey, paid positions don’t come along every day in the news biz. Hardly at all, in fact. In the end, the offer was too good to refuse.

And when they get tired of me or I get tired of them, I can always come back here. And I will. Stay tuned!


5 thoughts on “Hiatus 2: The Endiggening

  1. John Bauer

    Congrats! I guess I’ll make another’s contribution.

    Best, John

    I’m stamping $$$ out of politics. It’s the only way to get our democracy back. Learn more at StampStampede.org Help build the movement. Download an email signature at StampStampede.org/signature


  2. bigheavyjim

    Congratulations – Glad for your new adventure. Best wishes for the year; your work is appreciated.

    James Lockridge via phone



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