Proof: Santa Claus is a conservative a**hole

Vermont Republican Party chair Deb Billado is known for penning ultraconservative, pro-Trump screeds in her official role as the party’s leader. But now, at Christmastime, she’s outdone herself with what I can only hope is a feeble attempt at “humor,” which would serve as further proof that there’s no such thing as conservative humor. (Lookin’ at you, @NewsDoneRight.) Because if she was serious, man oh man, she’s gone round the twist.

Billado’s latest epistle takes the form of a letter from Santa who, as he passed over Vermont, observed “a warm light” from below — a light that “conveyed a good feeling to the people, one of security and goodness.”

That light? The Vermont Republican Party.

Santa tops that off by observing that Billado had been “chosen to be its head to steer the course, right and true.”

Ah. The Chosen One. Where have I heard that before?

After anointing Billado as the warm and welcoming light of salvation, Santa turns his fury on the Vermont Democratic Party for killing economic opportunity, protecting abortion rights, enacting gun restrictions, legalizing cannabis and generally trying to create “an atmosphere of dependence, loyalty and a vote each November. Their goal is perpetual control gained through practicing a form of economic slavery.”

Yep, Santa’s a right old asshole.

Sheesh. This is the person tasked leading the VTGOP out of its wanderings in the electoral wilderness. And if this is her idea of effective messaging, well, I hope that Vermont Republicans are packing plenty of energy bars and fluids, because it’s going to be a long, long time before they see the light.


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