Gnats to Fart in Windstorm

Oh look, a bunch of Republican lawmakers are belatedly getting off the pot.

Vermont state Rep. Kurt Wright, R-Burlington, says approximately 30 Republican lawmakers will endorse Marco Rubio for president on Thursday.

… “He’s the last best chance,” Wright said. “I think the window’s beginning to close.”

Err, “beginning” to close? More like “coming down like a well-greased guillotine.”

Presumably, at least some of these 30 Bravehearts also attended the John Kasich Town Hall last Saturday. None endorsed him, although they were all very happy to be on hand. But I guess they realize that Foxy Grandpa’s window was never open, let alone “beginning to close.” It’ll be interesting to see how many top Republicans show up at the just-anounced Kasich Town Hall on Monday at Castleton University.

The Rubot also got the coveted (cough, choke) endorsement of former Lt. Gov. Brian Dubie, who praised Florida’s Usually Absentee Senator as a “strong conservative” with “bold conservative ideas.”

Yeah, that’ll move the needle. Look out, Trump: Brian Dubie is comin’ to get ya!

Also, gosh, I didn’t realize Dubie was such a fan of strong conservatism. I guess that Jim-Douglas-without-the-charm act he pulled in 2010 was just a load of horse hockey.

I assume this endorsement blitz was prompted, at least in part, by the dismal results of The VPR Poll, which gave Trump a substantial lead in next Tuesday’s Vermont primary. Wright and Friends are holding out hope that they can avoid the embarrassment of a Trump victory here, when a Trump nomination would be very bad for the VTGOP. Sadly, Rubio is about the best they can do.

Not that their endorsements will have any more effect than, oh, see the title of this piece.

But just for fun, I have some questions that members of the media might consider asking the endorsers, in order to gauge the depth of their fealty to Rubio and its implications for Republican governance in Vermont. A few examples:

— The Rubio tax plan would heavily favor the wealthy, and would dramatically cut government revenue. Do you agree with his plan? And, if Republicans gained power in Vermont, would you institute a similar tax plan?

— Rubio has advocated freezing non-defense spending at 2008 levels. Taking inflation into account, that would mean substantial cuts in current spending. This would almost certainly lead to cuts in funding for the states. Do you favor his budget plan and its implications for Vermont?

— Rubio is thoroughly anti-choice, even opposing abortion in cases of rape or incest. If elected, he would potentially nominate at least two Supreme Court justices. Do you agree with him? If not, are you willing to risk women’s right to choose in exchange for the rest of the Rubio agenda?

— Rubio does not believe that climate change is caused by human activity. Do you agree with him? Do you think we should do nothing to fight global warming?

— Rubio would repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a market-based approach. Do you agree? Would you advocate the same approach in Vermont?

— Rubio would overhaul Medicare and Social Security, ensuring benefits for those currently eligible or nearly so, but opening the door to benefit cuts for most Americans who are currently working. Do you agree?

— Rubio’s foreign policy is highly aggressive, promising confrontations with Iran, Russia, and Cuba. He also wants a permanent American presence in Iraq. His foreign policy team is loaded with the neoconservatives who gave us the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. Do you agree with his foreign policy vision?

— Rubio has had a terrible attendance record in the Senate. Why should we promote him to the most powerful position in the world if he’s unwilling to handle the job he has now?

There’s a few items, anyway. And if the assembled Vermont Republicans deviate from Rubio on multiple issues, then the real question is: So why are you endorsing someone so far out of Vermont’s mainstream?

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