Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

The Phil Scott campaign is reacting to the very positive results of the VPR Poll in a rather curious way: With a hysterical email blast warning of dirty political tricks.

By an unnamed rival campaign.

That haven’t happened yet.


Here’s the letter:

We need your help!

A new poll from Vermont Public Radio and Castleton University Polling Institute shows strong support for Phil’s positive message and clear priorities.

Now we are already hearing from several sources that one of Phil’s opponents is planning to go negative! 

Can you help us ensure the focus stays on the issues that matter, like growing our economy and making Vermont more affordable?

With your support, we will run a positive, issue-oriented campaign that focuses on why Phil is the best and most qualified choice for Vermont. 

(Italics in the original letter.)

Please, oh please, the letter concludes: help us beat back the Forces of Darkness! (With your $10 contribution today.)

There’s a lotta qualifiers in that key sentence: “hearing from several sources that one of Phil’s opponents is planning to go negative.” Who are the sources? Who is the candidate? What, exactly, is the plan? Is it in motion or a mere possibility?

And what in the Sam Hill could they possibly have on Mr. Clean, Phil Scott? Oh, let the speculation begin.

Assuming the Scott campaign isn’t just blowing smoke to rake in a few bucks, who do you suppose might be behind this hypothetical dastardly deed?

Early money’s on Bruce “Mr. Four Percent” Lisman. He clearly has the most cause for desperation, and enough money to finance (a) some deep-diving oppo research and (b) an all-out Bad News Blitz.

There’s probably nothing more here than a cheap fundraising ploy from the Scott campaign. But we will see, won’t we?

2 thoughts on “Warning! Warning! Danger, Will Robinson!

  1. Eddie Garcia

    LOL: “Early money’s on Bruce “Mr. Four Percent” Lisman. ” After reading the toplines in the email, I came here to comment, “My money’s on Lisman.”
    Pardon us for stating the obvious.


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