One more thing about the “adult in the room”

After his Town Hall meeting in Colchester, Ohio Gov. John Kasich gave a few minutes to the assembled media. A helpful portion thereof was posted online by the Burlington Free Press. Helpful, because it’s one more piece of evidence that Kasich’s “reasonable” “moderate” act is just so much Foxy Grandpa malarkey.

He was asked about whether President Obama should, you know, do his Constitutional duty by nominating someone to replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. And Kasich’s answer was a disasterpiece of Republican passive-aggressiveness.

He blamed it all on, you guessed it, Obama.

We’ve had a situation in Washington where nobody’s going to get confirmed. You know, the President passed Obamacare, he rammed through stuff with his executive actions, and it’s just polarized everybody.

So, look, he’s going to send somebody, they’re not going to be confirmed. And what I like is the idea that the American public’s going to have a two-fer. And what do I mean by that?

We’re going to elect a president, and we’re going to determine the direction of the Court by the presidential election. And I think that could serve as a sort of a healing in our country without all these fights goin’ back and forth.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. If Obama hadn’t been such a hardass, ramming stuff down America’s throat for seven years, then we could let him appoint someone to the Supreme Court. As it is, he shouldn’t do it because it will further divide the country. In fact, for the good of the nation, he should voluntarily give up one of his presidential powers.

Yuh-huh. The Republicans and the conservative media, according to John Kasich, have absolutely nothing to do with the polarization of our politics. It’s all Obama’s fault!

As for Kasich’s prescription — waiting a full year to fill a high court vacancy — well, a true Constitutional Originalist ought to be embarrassed. Because there’s nothing in the Constitution to justify taking away a president’s power — nay, obligation — to nominate qualified people to the Supreme Court when vacancies occur.

John Kasich is the Glade Air Freshener of the presidential campaign. He masks his harsh conservatism in a haze of stiflingly artificial Pine Fresh Scent. But the conservatism remains. On the Supreme Court, as on so many other issues, Kasich is a mirror image of his fellow candidates. He just makes it smell like a chemically-enhanced forest.

1 thought on “One more thing about the “adult in the room”

  1. Dave Katz

    The press will bring the antiseptic of sunlight to cleanse away the mendacity of lying liars who happen to be card carrying members of the Establishment.
    Oh. Yeah. Right. Here in BizarroWorld, Kasich is annointed The Reasonable One. Ohio? What?Sorry, out of time. Cue the theme music and cut to the commercial.


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