The curious incident of the Prog in the night-time — UPDATED

UPDATE: The Senator in question has spoken to WCAX. Details below, after the jump.

So here’s a heartening piece of party unity: the elective officeholders of the Progressive Party got together this week and enthusiastically endorsed Bernie Sanders for President.

The gang’s all there, from the four Progs on Burlington City Council, Robert Millar of Winooski City Council, the Party’s seven members of the House, State Auditor Doug Hoffer, and both of the Progs’ state senators.

Wait, what did I just say?

“…both of the Progs’ state senators.”

Hey, aren’t there three of ’em? I thought so.

Well, there’s Anthony Pollina… and David Zuckerman…

Hmm. Where’s Triangulatin’ Tim Ashe, the most nakedly ambitious of all the Progs?

The guy who kissed enough senatorial butt to land himself a high-profile committee chairmanship? The guy who made a big show, during last fall’s Democratic Senate caucus, of nominating DINO Dick Mazza to yet another term on the Committee on Committees?

Nope, Tim’s not backing Bernie.

I’m sure it’s just an oversight. Cough.

UPDATE. WCAX reports that Sen. Ashe “plans to send out his own statement in which he will endorse Sanders.” That’s it; no explanation for his absence from the Progressives’ list.

It’s possible that circumstances made his inclusion impossible; maybe he was on a post-session vacation or hiking the Long Trail or something. Still, it’s curious; if he’d been included, the Progs could have announced a full and complete endorsement of Bernie, which would have been a prize worth a bit of trouble.

If and when Ashe issues his endorsement, I’ll report it here.

(And if you ask why I didn’t call Ashe, well, he’s notorious for not returning phone calls. The only time I’ve gotten to interview the guy is when I’ve buttonholed him at the Statehouse.)

3 thoughts on “The curious incident of the Prog in the night-time — UPDATED

  1. Cc

    WCAX reported Ashe saying he plans on giving his own press release supporting Bernie.

    Party unity at its best!


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