How can I miss you when you won’t go away?

(h/t to Dan Hicks & His Hot Licks)

Please allow me a brief gloat, a hearty chuckle, a moment of schadenfreude. Because this is just too f’n funny.

Sen. Norm McAllister (R-Franklin) is reconsidering his decision to resign from the Vermont Senate, according to a close ally.

“I don’t know what made him rethink it, but he has decided — he’s rethinking it is all I can say,” Sen. Peg Flory (R-Rutland) said Wednesday afternoon.

Heh, heh, heh, heh.

Here’s my message to Good Ol’ Norm: hang on for dear life. Make ’em drag you out kicking and screaming. Not because you deserve to keep your seat, hell no; but because your fellow Republicans (and really, the Dems as well) so desperately want to be rid of this entire affair.

I say, let ’em stew. They don’t deserve to get off this easy. Not when there are numerous second-hand stories about how ol’ Norm was a horndog at best, and maybe worse, to his female colleagues. Not when there are still serious questions to answer about what leadership knew, when they knew it, and what they did about it. (And if they really didn’t know, how loudly were they singing LALALALALA with their fingers in their ears?)

Not when there remains a distinct odor of clubby sexism around the Statehouse that needs to be dissipated once and for all.

Indeed, here’s my plea to the women of the Statehouse, past and present. If you had unpleasant encounters with McAllister, now is the time to step forward. So far, the only woman to do so is an ex-lawmaker. If some misbegotten sense of loyalty to the institution is keeping you silent, please speak up. You owe it to the truth, and to the women who will follow your footsteps.

The Republicans are so eager to be rid of G.O.N. that they spread the news of McAllister’s resignation before clearing it with Norm himself. And they’re so eager that there’s already a cluster of candidates to replace a guy who, inconveniently, refuses to vacate his seat.

A friend pointed out one possible explanation. His resignation might well be a bargaining chip in his legal troubles. If true, then he’d be a fool to give it up.

Back to Flory, who pulled out one of the oldest and shabbiest cards in the deck today:

It’s hard, she said, that the wheels of justice move so slowly, “while anything to deal with sex” captures the attention of the media and the public immediately.

Okay, hold it right there.

First, “wheels of justice move so slowly”? What the hell. McAllister was arrested SIX DAYS AGO. How quickly do you expect the wheels of justice to spin?

Second, oh yeah, blame the media. Yeah, blame us for thinking with our loins. Excuse us for thinking that a sitting Senator being accused of dozens and dozens of crimes, some of which allegedly took place in an apartment he shared with two other lawmakers, and some of which involved a woman he brought to the Statehouse as an “intern.” A woman who looked like she was 12 years old, as Sen. Flory herself has said, and nobody batted an eye.

Yeah, it’s our fault that this story hasn’t vanished into the mists less than a week after it first broke.

Methinks Sen. Flory is in for a heapin’ helpin’ of disappointment if she believes this thing will go away anytime soon. Especially if Good Ol’ Norm is of a mind to fight back.

For the sake of transparency and justice, not to mention further embarrassment for public servants who are wriggling valiantly to escape any taint, I hope he does keep fighting. In fact, I’d love to see him show up at the Statehouse tomorrow morning as if nothing had happened.

That’d be fuuuuuuun.

2 thoughts on “How can I miss you when you won’t go away?

  1. Howard Webster

    I will tell you when he was running for the senate a couple years ago I was running a local Town highway dept. Norm came bursting in our shop yelling and screaming about touching his political signs being removed from Ethan Allen Highway. After I calmly explained to him we were a town highway dept. and not a state ( which he should have known considering his past) and to shut us arrogant mouth and take his rudeness elsewhere he tried to shake my hand and get me to vote for him.


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