The other Gun Show

Last night’s Statehouse hearing on gun registration didn’t interest me much; the fate of the bill is a foregone conclusion (it’s dead), and the hearing was just a bit of political theater. But there were some entertaining moments on Twitter that I’ve plucked from the everflowing Tweetstream.

The Ethan Allen Institute, for example, got all poetical.

Aww. They’re right, you know. An inanimate object can’t initiate violence. But a gun is one hell of an expediter.

There was this bit of reportage from the Vermont Press Bureau’s Josh O’Gorman, revealing which side of the debate cornered the market on boorishness.

My favorite, though, was a brief dominance display by two of the lesser players in the 2014 election season. First, consistently losing political consultant Darcie Johnston, chief flag-waver for Dan Feliciano’s doomed campaign; and second, Brent Burns, who briefly helmed the Scott Milne effort.

Ooh, scorch! The “4%” is, of course, a reference to Feliciano’s underwhelming share of the vote. Ball’s in your court, Ms. Johnston.

“#navysniper”? A bit of resume inflation, perhaps? Feliciano did serve in the Navy, but according to one source, he “spent six years as a sonar technician.” Yeah, well, sonar/sniper, same diff. Mr. Burns begs to differ.

After this, the two parties adjourned the contest. Burns resisted the temptation to add “[mic drop],” which he would have been absolutely justified in doing. Johnston returned to her lair to, presumably, plot strategery for Feliciano’s 2016 campaign.

Next time, six percent!

4 thoughts on “The other Gun Show

  1. g2-4defad001ff5faec21d31d0bd81192f6

    “Statehouse hearing on gun registration” Well, I’ll be damned. A commentator on the left actually admitted what this bill’s proponents disingenuously coil themselves into knots trying to deny: these “universal background checks” are a de facto registration scheme. Put a star on your forehead.
    But you WROTE this thing in such a way that it evaded my Google alerts. You did that on purpose.
    You DID.

    1. John S. Walters Post author

      Did I say that? I don’t think I said that. What I said was that the bill’s DOA and the hearing was a bit of political theater.

      On the merits of the bill itself, I think both sides are overheated. This wouldn’t do a lot to reduce the risk of violent crime, nor would it push us down the slippery slope to confiscation.

      1. kestrel9000 (@kestrel9000)

        Yeah, you did say that. You most certainly did.

        You called it a hearing on gun registration, which the proponents of the bill consistently say it is not.

        When a similar bill, I 594, passed in Washington state, its proponents IMMEDIATELY called a press conference and announced they’d be back for more.

        New York State is gearing up for Safe Act II, and have you seen the recommendations for even MORE gun control in Connecticut by the Sandy Hook Commission?

        “nor would it push us down the slippery slope to confiscation.”

        That’s exactly what the intent is, despite their protestations to the contrary. Who am I supposed to believe, you or my own lying eyes?

        “‘Cause, guess what: You’re not fooling anybody. When your discourse reeks with intellectual and moral disdain for gun-rights and gun-rights advocates, when it never endorses, and indeed at best studiously avoids, the issue of gun ownership as a fundamental political right, it shows. And it certainly shows when you say outright that you’d love to confiscate all guns, no matter how you try to waffle on that later. Despite what’s implied in the ever-present disdain, gun rights advocates are not, ipso facto, stupid (or violent, or crazy), and certainly not too stupid to see where you’re heading. So let’s stop gaslighting gun-rights supporters as paranoid when they state what they see:”

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