Phil Scott’s Business Buzzword Bingo

For those just joining us, Lt. Gov. Phil Scott is planning a big policy offensive (and fundraiser) on Day One of the new legislative session. To wit, a “pitch session” for business leaders to give their ideas on how to fix Vermont’s economy. I can only take this as a direct challenge to the Democratic majority.

Now, in case you thought this event promises to be a big fat snooze… if you saw this as an utterly predictable gathering of likeminded people for the sole purpose of validating preconceived notions… well, you’re probably right.

But I’ve come up with a way to make it more interesting.

I call it Phil Scott’s Business Buzzword Bingo. Simply print out the image below, take it with you to the “pitch session,” and whenever you hear a buzzword, write an “X” over the corresponding square. When you get five in a row, across, down, or diagonally, shout “BINGO!” You win!

Ground rule: plural or alternative versions of a word are accepted as matches. For instance, “Costs” is a match for “Cost,” and “Entrepreneurial” is a match for “Entrepreneur.”

Come to think of it, you should print out a whole bunch of Business Buzzword Bingo cards, because I have a feeling we’ll get a BINGO every two minutes or so.

Here you go: your very own Phil Scott’s Business Buzzword Bingo playing card. Enjoy!


Phil Scott Bingo card

2 thoughts on “Phil Scott’s Business Buzzword Bingo

  1. gyrfalcon7

    Very well done, John. I’m obviously not going anywhere near his “pitch session,” but I have a feeling your bingo card will be just as useful in the next election season. Yawn.

  2. Cynthia Browning

    This is just a super idea — perhaps we could also develop a bingo card for the inauguration and the budget address as well, and for conferences by other groups. But you left out the most powerful magic word: JOBS. If people just say jobs, whether or not they have any evidence that whatever they are proposing will actually generate jobs, it acts like a kind of magic word that makes it oddly difficult for anyone to question the proposal.

    Rep. Cynthia Browning, Arlington


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