Yep, I was wrong.

dunce-cap-599x320Yesterday’s elections turned out to be a lot more favorable for Vermont Republicans — or, to put it more accurately, unfavorable for Vermont Democrats — than I thought.

My fearless, not to mention feckless, predictions were:

— Governor Shumlin would easily clear the 50% barrier.

WRONG! As of early Wednesday morning, he still has a mathematical chance of losing to Scott Milne, and there’s no way he’ll get 50%.

— Dean Corren would come closer to unseating Lt. Gov. Phil Scott than Cass Gekas did two years ago, finishing in the mid-40s.

WRONG! Scott cruised, with better than 62% of the vote. Corren was depantsed AND wedgied, finishing with a mere 36%.

— Republicans would have to be satisfied with a bare minimum of legislative gains.

WRONG! They took two Senate seats and at least seven in the House. A couple of races are still hanging, and they might even reach Phil Scott’s seemingly rose-colored projection of double-digit gains.

I wasn’t completely shut out. The Republicans failed to mount serious challenges in the Washington and Orange County senate contests, and Dan Feliciano stumbled to a very poor finish. He couldn’t even gain automatic ballot status for the Libertarian Party.

But those are mere bagatelles. On the big races, I was as thoroughly depantsed as Dean Corren.

And now I learn from my mistakes, or try to. Explanations in my next post. But first, where’s that crow pie? I’ve got a hankering’ for some crow pie!


2 thoughts on “Yep, I was wrong.

  1. Sen. Joe Benning

    Paging Mr. Walters: your serving of humble pie is waiting. Nice acknowledgement John, it must feel good unloading. Let me help you get back on your witty, sarcastic feet:

    Vtdigger (via Jon Margolis) reports: “If Dan Feliciano, the Libertarian candidate, had withdrawn and thrown his support behind Milne as Republican leaders had requested, Milne would most likely have been ahead of the two-term incumbent governor.”


    Let me take this opportunity to congratulate you on your recent observations regarding the meeting between Scott Milne and Dan Feliciano last month. I was quite impressed. You actually nailed it in every respect. For a minute there, I thought you were in the room or in my head. Truly very weird for sheer guessing on your part. My compliments!


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