Scott Milne finally gets the attention he deserves

Well, the punditocracy keeps saying that Scott Milne needs to take advantage of free media to get his message out. And now he has, big time: he earned himself a stout twelve seconds of national airtime on The Daily Show With Jon Stewart. The end of every show is a “Moment of Zen,” a goofy bit of context-free video from somewhere or other. Last night’s MoZ was taken from Vermont PBS’ gubernatorial debate.

Specifically, Milne’s opening statement, in which he managed to screw up the first line of his life story.

Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 11.18.38 AM For those disinclined to click the video link, here’s a handy transcript.

“My name is Scott Milne. I’ve, uh, uh, third generation, um, ah, born in Vermont, uh, take that back, I was born in Brooklyn.”

Congratulations, Mahatma. You’ve made the big time.

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